Even though it was a rainy cold(yes it gets cold in Australia haha!) winters day last Saturday, I still decided to go for a wander through Sydney. I ended up in the oldest part of Sydney called “The Rocks”.

The Rocks is a neighborhood of historic laneways in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Locals and many tourists mingle at the open-air Rocks Markets, purchasing street food and handmade souvenirs. The area has some of Sydney’s oldest pubs and many of the upscale restaurants have spectacular harbor views.

I took my DSLR camera with me, but unfortunately, it was not working, so I had to take pictures with my trusty iPhone. They didn’t turn out too bad – thank goodness, but they would have looked better if they would have been taken with my fancy-pants camera. 

Check out my pictures below…


In the rocks market, you can shop for local goods on Saturdays and Sundays with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as your backdrop(dreamy). From handmade jewelry, photos, Australian souvenirs, and hand painted paintings, it’s the perfect place to go shopping for some unique artifacts. 



For spectacular city views, walk a bit further down then what the ‘standard’ tourist would do.
You’ll get amazing city views if you walk 10 minutes further down the rocks. From Circular Quay to the Opera house and the harbor bridge. They can all be seen from up close when you go to Hickson road.


So, most tourists don’t walk further than the overseas passenger terminal. As you can see from my pictures, keep walking down until you end up at Hickson road at Hickson road reserve. WORTH IT (and only a few minutes further down the road) 



When you keep walking down you will end up with spectacular views of the Sydney Opera House, and since there are not that many tourists around, you can take all the time you want taking pictures, without being embarrassed by the impromptu photo shoot 😉 come on, we’ve all been there. 

I was initially annoyed by the clouds, but I later found that they gave the pictures an amazing contrast and works well as a kick-ass backdrop. I am actually quite happy with how they turned out.. so for once in my life- WOOHOO CLOUDS!


Happy face… I look a bit weird but ok.  In case you were wondering who the person behind Bondi to Basic is, it’s me! the girl down below pointing at the random building in the middle of the ocean 😉 random building = Opera House! 



If you walk less then a minute further down from the opera house, you will then come across amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge(as pictured below). It also offers views of Luna Park (if you have a good camera with zoom), otherwise, you can just go crazy with spectacular bridge pictures, definitely Instagram worthy.

And I’m sure a lot of professional photographers are shaking their heads at my compositions and lack of editing (I didn’t do a lot to these pictures) but I don’t care, I like them. 


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