Getting into the zone in order to write good and long blog posts is not as easy as it sounds. Ask any blogger, I am sure they will agree with me. I am not saying that blogging isn’t fun, but you have to look up a lot of information, do research and read a lot in order to get a good information together and write a compelling post that you guys will love. 

So once the research is done, I start typing and working out my posts. I always need to get into a rhythm/flow to keep my juices flowing (haha juices) and to keep the words coming. 

I have made a playlist with music that I love and some from my favorite youtube influencers that they too have used in their vlogs. By listening to their music I stay inspired and want to finish my blogs to the highest standard possible. 

Underneath are some of my favorite tracks to listen too.
keep in mind that they are meant to keep you in a work-trance, so most don’t have any vocals in it (I know that is not every one cups of tea) 

All these songs are copyright free, so if you want to use them for any of your vlogs or blogs then you can.
Please do check the original poster to see if there are any requirements (For some you have to leave a comment underneath your video) But these are great upbeat songs that really gets me into a flow. 

Valence – Infinite (My favorite song atm) 

Ice flow – Kevin macleod

Valance – Divinity 

JPB – Up Away

I can only find a 1-hour long. This is actually one of my favorites but 1 hour is a bit too long for me haha

Alan Walker – Fade

Giraffe Squad – Wait for me 

DEAF KEV – Invincible

Erik Lund – Summertime

Ikson – Blue sky

Disclosure – Latch

Do you like this type of music? What is your favorite song at the moment? Let me know in the comments below. 

If you like this post, then please go ahead and SHARE it for me. 

I cant do this without you. 



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