This past weekend I wandered over to Luna Park at Milsons Point, Sydney. The park is an amusement attraction and was established in 1935, amazingly it still contains traditional midway games and rides while of course still offering your 21st-century amusements as well. 

The older charm that this park offers, the more the modern generation can catch a glimpse of the past. 

Luna Park is located next to Sydney harbor and offers spectacular views of the Sydney Opera Hosue and Sydney Harbour Bridge. So many locals just go for the views, nevermind the park haha.

In my last week’s Photo Diary, Vivid was on and it offered some amazing views of the light festival. If you want to see more pictures of that click HERE or on the pictures underneath. 



If you are planning to go to Luna park then I suggest going in the evening. There is an amazing atmosphere, with lots of lights and in general, has more people around (after-hours). 




Samsung’s personalized AR Emoji changing the face of Luna Park every few seconds. This is only on during Vivid.


Coney Island is also extra special during Vivid.

Spirit of Fun is a dramatic and emotive son et lumière celebrating the history and magic of Luna Park. A grand projection on Coney Island brings to life the artworks, characters, and soul of the park and opens a window to its future of fun.

The rest of the park, besides the Ferris wheel, is as normal. So if you are planning to come during another time, the park is still brightly light.



While you are in the park, make sure to try some of the attractions and play some of the games. I didn’t win anything -booooo! (no grand price) but I still went home with Luna park stickers and hair extensions that light up… Now, ho wouldn’t want that?


Well, I just ‘Won’ some stickers but still… I had to cover something up so… BOOM. 

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