Last Saturday the weather was absolutely phenomenal. So I decided to go for a wander in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden. The garden is one of my favorite places in this city. Not only has it some of the most spectacular city views, it is also a quiet spot in a busy city. 

Just think about the wonderful lush color of the sweeping lawns, dark green canopies and thousands of beautiful flowers. The Botanic Gardens are not just a place to sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning views, there is always plenty to do and new things to discover, doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter.  

In this post, I will show you some of the best places to go and ‘take you along my trip’ in the gardens. 




Probably the number one hot-spot in the garden is Mrs. Macquarie’s chair. Here you will find large tourists groups, taking selfies with the opera house in the background. This is the number one spot visited by people going to the gardens and definitely make sure you head to this panoramic spot. It offers SPECTACULAR views of Sydney’s harbor. This includes the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 


Mrs. Macquarie’s chair itself is a big rock carved into a seat which is said to be the place where the governor’s wife would view the ships in the harbor, smart lady.. she knew where the best seat was in the city 😉



The Oriental Garden is dedicated to Asian plants and flowers, and the Succulent Garden has several varieties of succulents and cacti on display arranged in a garden of pebbles and stones. Right in front, there is also a collection of rare and endangered plants to be found. 

Even though it is winter now, there are still some flowers in bloom. It just shows that there is never a season or reason (hah rhyme) not to visit this place. 

When wandering around make sure you check out the majestic Moreton Bay fig trees with their enormous trunks, generous canopies, and tropical air roots which connect the trees’ long and thick branches with the ground underneath, sometimes some meters away from the actual tree trunk. The trees are absolutely massive and very impressive to see (not easy to take a picture off, so go check it out yourself) 


The Gardens are also home to a number of exotic plants and palm trees, a pyramid-shaped glass house for palm trees, a farm greenhouse as well as a range of endemic plants.  So, there is so much to see and do in this garden. 



As you can imagine there is quite a lot of bird life in the park. from colorful lorikeets, parrots, Ibises and much more. 

For quite a while the park was also home to a colony of flying foxes that now seems to have been successfully relocated since the bats endangered and even killed a number of trees. 


I entered the garden at the Government House Gate and wandered around for a while. Then I walked towards Farm Cove and walked towards Mrs. Macquarie’s chair. There I took the stairs up to Mrs. Macquarie’s road and walked back to the Victoria lodge and gate. From there I wandered along Farm Cove all the way towards the Opera House leaving the park there. 

I tried to make you a walking map for you guys, but that’s quite difficult, so I gave up. Sorry 🙂 


Schermafbeelding 2018-07-21 om 19.49.43.png

Address: Mrs. Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000
Area: 30 ha

Hours: 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM 
Visitors: 3,544,344 (in 2016)
Entree: Free 

If you happen to spend the day in Sydney, you definitely need to see the Botanical Gardens. Great photo opportunities in this park. 

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