4 Sensational Days in Paris | Itinerary and Travel Guide

4 Days in Paris

If you’re looking for a way to spend 4 days in Paris, then this post is for you! I’ve put together an itinerary of what I think are the best places and things to do in the city. This includes some of my favourite spots like Notre Dame Cathedral, Musee d’Orsay, and Sacre Coeur Basilica. You’ll also find information about transportation options including how long it takes on public transit from one place to another as well as tips for saving money while exploring the city!

No matter the time of year, Paris is a perfect European city to escape. With all that France has to offer, you can be sure you will never be bored on your trip!

With four days in the city of Paris, I know where you should be and when. From one Francophile to another. Experience the rich history, great art and stunning landmarks of this captivating city.

If you don’t have 4 days to spend in Paris, but only 24 hours, read my post of what a visitor can see and do in the City of Lights during one day.

Ready for a trip you’ll never forget? Here’s my itinerary for the city of Love – Paris

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4 Days in paris, the perfect itinerary

4 Day Paris Itinerary, Day 1: The Must-sees of the city

So today is your first day in beautiful Paris, and I hope you’re well-rested because the City of Lights has a lot to offer! Put on your walking shoes and get ready for a fun-filled day!

While Paris is a huge metropolis, getting around to its world-renowned ‘Must-see’ sites is pretty simple, this is because they are all located within close proximity to the city centre.

The city is divided into 20 small “arrondissements,” known as districts. The first to the seventh arrondissements are where most of the main tourist attractions are located. A well-planned itinerary through these seven arrondissements will bring you to some of Paris’ greatest and finest sights.


Paris 1 day itinerary. The Eiffel Tower is a must-see

The Eiffel Tower, which is one of the most prominent sights in Paris, raises its head against the city’s skyline and attracts over 7 million tourists each year, making it an ideal place to start your trip!

Climb the City of Love’s 1710 steps or ride the elevator to enjoy stunning views from what is perhaps the city’s best viewpoint.

Because the Eiffel Tower is always crowded (especially during peak season), I’d recommend getting a skip-the-line pass as part of your tour/package!

Don’t miss the famous nightly light show, where the Tower glitters and shines magnificently, wowing spectators across the city.

Are you afraid of heights? The magnificent view from the Trocadéro Gardens over the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. I also propose getting a bottle of wine and some French pastries nearby. Vendors will be selling them for a very low price. You may either walk here or take the subway (I recommend using public transportation since we’ll be walking a lot). Once you’ve arrived, you can pay to go up to the tower for a stunning perspective.


For a great picture opportunity, walk from Trocadéro Gardens (metro line 9) towards the tower and you’ll be greeted with a stunning water mirror shot of the Eiffel Tower.

One of the best places to snap photos of the Eiffel Tower is Passerelle Debilly, a small passenger footbridge that was first opened for the World’s fair in 1900. Ever since then, it’s accommodated millions of pedestrians, all eager to get a better view over the Eiffel Tower and Seine river.


Please check before you go if they are still current.  Also, check for opening times and whether they are on or not.

Adult Rate Youth Rate
(aged 12-24)
Child Rate
(aged 4-11)
/ Disabled(1)
Child under 4 Rate(2)
(under 4)
/ RSA(3)
Ticket with access lift
Second floor
€ 16,60 € 8,30 € 4,10 Free
Ticket with access lift
The top
€ 25,90 € 13,00 € 6,50 Free
Ticket with access stairs
Second floor
€ 10,40 € 5,20 € 2,60 Free
Ticket with access stairs 2nd-floor +lift  The top € 19,70 € 9,80 € 5,00 Free


The Arc de Triomphe, one of France’s most famous landmarks, faces Place Charles de Gaulle and forms a photo-worthy junction of twelve avenues that create a star effect with the Arc at the centre. The Arc de Triomphe, which has stood since 1836, is a homage to Paris’ patriotism and achievements.

The Arc de Triomphe stands alongside the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre as a must-visit location in Paris. You can admire it from the outside for free, but my suggestion would be to pay the entry fee and to check out to the top. From there you get to see some imposing views of the city.

You can purchase tickets at the arc, although there is a possibility that you may have to queue. I advise you to buy the tickets online, as with this you can skip the line. And when a small discount for pre-paying your ticket as an additional bonus.


The Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets in Paris, with a length of almost 2 kilometres from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde! The avenue is filled with numerous shops, cafés, restaurants, and sparkling lights throughout the year. You could spend a whole day walking up and down this buzzing centre of activity.

This is a beautiful and picturesque street that’s seen by almost 300,000 people each day. This is another location that I’d recommend seeing in the daytime and at night. It’s really magnificent, and you’ll be enthralled by the high-end shopping choices, fine restaurants, and tiny souvenir shops. A stroll along the 2km segment is required for any first-time visitor to Paris.


The Place de la Concorde is the capital’s largest public square, located at one end of the Champs-Élysées and covers over 19 acres.

This square saw many public executions during the French Revolution, including the guillotineing of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Robespierre, and other historical figures. However, the days of bloodshed at the plaza are long gone – thankfully – and it is now a popular attraction for visitors due to its monuments such as the distinctive Obelisk, fountains, and lush gardens.


In early 2019, the world watched as France’s most popular church, Notre Dame, burned in front of our eyes. Fortunately, much of the building was preserved and work has already begun on its restoration. Meanwhile, tourists may still explore this Gothic architectural masterpiece from the outside.

A lot of people will skip the Notre Dam now, thinking it was completely destroyed, but the exterior alone is so worth checking out!

Take a stroll along the Seine River from the Place de la Concorde, enjoying magnificent bridges, museums, and landscape as you go.

The romantic River Seine runs through the heart of Paris, past some of the city’s most famous landmarks. If you walk along this route (if you follow this itinerary), while you’ll undoubtedly find yourself meandering along the iconic river (while if the sun is out, why not grab a cafe latte or a picnic and enjoy the riverside view for a while resting your weary feet?), why not take a break and have a cup of coffee or lunch on the banks?


Montmartre is a 30-minute metro ride away from the centre of Paris. The suburb is primarily known for its artistic history and a white-domed Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur on its summit. With its cobbled streets, artists, bistros and amazing restaurant, Montmartre is simply full of Parisian charm.

The Sacré-Cœur basilica is free to explore and most of the times does not have a queue to entre. It was built at the end of the 19th century in the Romano-Byzantine style. It is home to the largest mosaic in France, measuring no less than 480 m²!


A great tour to consider taking is the  Sacré-Coeur and Montmartre Tour with Expert Guide: “Visit the inside of Sacré-Coeur, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart with an expert guide. Marvel at the world’s largest mosaic then enjoy an amazing walk around the village of Montmartre.” AUD $ 23.83

If you still have energy left, wander around Montmartre and check out the beautiful art market at place du Tertre.

4 Day Paris Itinerary, Day 2: Disneyland

Do you have children or are you simply a big kid at heart who doesn’t want to miss out on a trip to Disneyland Paris while on vacation in Paris? Like its other worldwide locations, the flagship European edition of the American mega-brand Disneyland Paris is just as fascinating and fun-filled.

Disneyland Paris is only 20 miles (or 32 kilometres) from the centre of Paris on the RER (Regional Express Network) train network. While it’s a great time and not far from central Paris, it’s actually recommended that you ideally spend three to four days at Disneyland Paris. But, if you have never visited Disneyland, then I do suggest you head here for a full day of exploring. It is simply a must-do to simply Immerse yourself in the world of Disney stories and soak up the Disney magic at our Theme Park. With over 50 attractions, breathtaking parades and shows offer families magical experiences and exciting adventures.

If Disneyland is not something you are interested in, then instead you could head to the Palace of Versailles.  The official royal residence from 1682 until the French Revolution of 1789, Versailles is only 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the centre of Paris. The gardens and the Palace are defiantly worth a visit, it’s truly one of the most beautiful buildings and gardens I’ve experienced in all of Europe!

4 Day Paris Itinerary, Day 3: A Day at the Museum(s)

What city in the world is more associated with art than Paris? On your third day in this magnificent city, spend some time seeing some of the world’s most important – and gorgeous – art.


The French Revolution knocked the Louvre’s aristocracy and royalty-only status off its pedestal, freeing it to serve all classes of Parisians. The revolutionaries gave Paris’ art back to the people by ending the Louvre’s aristocratic and royal tenure. Over 200 years later, the Louvre houses 36,000 works of art and 380,000 artifacts accessible to everyone. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the enigmatical Venus de Milo are two of its most famous pieces. For film fans, The Da Vinci Code featured a prominent role for the Louvre, while permission was granted for use of its interior locations in the movie unprecedented.

When you think of the Louvre, your first thoughts are probably of elbowing your way through selfie sticks to catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa. Honestly, she isn’t that impressive! I was super disappointed when I saw the painting for the first time. (She is TINY)

The Louvre in Paris. A stuuning must-see museum

However, the Louvre museum offers so much more than a smiling muse. Home to medieval ruins and plenty of priceless artifacts from around the world, the Louvre also happens to be the largest museum in the world. Highlights of the Louvre that aren’t the Mona Lisa include the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the rather sumptuous Napoleon III Apartments.


The second museum of the day is the Musée D’Orsay, which offers over 3 million visits each year to see its many exhibits and events, is one of the most popular attractions in Paris. The Musée D’Orsay does not disappoint if you’ve ever wished to view a Degas, Monet, Renoir or Van Gogh masterpiece in person.

4 Day Paris Itinerary, Day 4: Shopping and Moulin Rouge

Today is all about treating oneself as a real Parisian would: making time for oneself. And that implies going to some of the city’s finest shops and shopping districts to indulge in a little retail therapy, which will make people back home green with envy.

Stop by these Paris shopping hotspots and have your Euros at the ready…

  • Le triangle d’or (The Golden Triangle) – Probably Paris is the most famous and most beautiful avenue, the Champs Elysee. Together with the Avenue Montaigne and the Avene George V, it forms the golden triangle. It is home to lots of glamorous and post shops like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Calvin Klein.
  • Montmartre – Home to many fashion boutiques have settled in Montmartre, especially near Abbesses where you will find brands such as Kookai or Sandro, or around the Goutte d’Or.
  • Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann – The city’s most posh shopping experience! Home to every designer label you can think of and a few more besides all under one amazing roof. Well worth a visit for the building alone and go all the way to the very top for a roof terrace and views across Paris
  • Passage des Panoramas – The precursor to Parisian shopping malls, the Passage des Panoramas is Paris’ first covered walkway. With its mix of artisan shops and old-school eateries, it’s a great spot to soak in French culture.
  • Passage Jouffroy – One of the most popular shopping arcades in Paris, Passage Jouffroy features unique shops specializing in paper and antique books.
  • Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves – The only flea market in the centre of Paris. Nearly 400 merchants display wares that vary from 18th-century furniture to vintage jewellery and cameras.
  • Shakespeare & Company – You’ve undoubtedly seen this tiny Paris bookshop on your Instagram feed (or TV) more than once. It’s a photo-op magnet, after all. Shakespeare & Company has been in operation since 1919 on Paris’ Left Bank. During their years in Paris, it was the meeting spot for renowned writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, and James Joyce.
  • Paris Flea Market – “The Paris flea market is the largest antique market in the world. It comprises some 2,500 stores, spread across 15 markets. Open Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, this market is a Mecca for locals and tourists looking for a bargain.

Paris Itinerary


Hopefully, you got yourself something nice on your Parisian shopping trip since tonight is all about seeing out your four days in Paris with a visit to the Moulin Rouge, the high-kicking home of Parisian culture!

The original Moulin Rouge (“Red Windmill”) stretches back far further than the 2005 film. To 1885, to be precise. Since then, it’s been a cultural institution of Paris, where the world’s best cabaret artists perform multiple high-energy performances every night. This location is located in artistic Montmartre, where you can enjoy a show any night of the week.

WHAT TO DO IN PARIS IN 4 DAYS – Local Treats to Try

The French have a passion for cuisine. So, below are some French dishes that you might want to try when in Paris.

  • Escargots – Escargot is a general term referring to cooked, edible snails and the various preparations of these shelled creatures. Escargot is often served with a butter and garlic sauce, yet other sauces, typically ones with alcohol bases including wine or brandy, are also commonly used.
  • Pot-au-Feu – Pot-au-feu is a French beef stew. According to chef Raymond Blanc, pot-au-feu is “the quintessence of French family cuisine, it is the most celebrated dish in France. It honours the tables of the rich and poor alike
  • Les Moules-Frites – A meal you’ll also see plastered on the menus of brasseries everywhere but particularly in the north and north-west of the country.
  • Le bœuf bourguignon  –  Also called beef Burgundy, and bœuf à la Bourguignonne, is a beef stew braised in red wine, often red Burgundy, and beef broth, generally flavoured with carrots, onions, garlic, and a bouquet garni, and garnished with pearl onions, mushrooms, and bacon. This is one of the most classic French dishes and usually ranks as France’s favourite food.
  • La raclette Raclette is melted cheese, often scraped off the side of the cheese wheel. More modern variants see meat and cheese grilled on an electric hot plate. Although the Swiss will claim Raclet is from their side of the Alps, there’s no doubt it’s popular in France.


La Maison du Chocolat – This is the place for chocoholics, where you buy chocolate by weight and really savour the taste and take your time eating it, this is not Cadbury’s, this chocolate is special, so enjoy. Also, the original chocolate shop of Robert Linxe, whose popular chocolate stores have spread throughout the United States.

Marche Belleville-Menilmontant (Farmer’s market) – Shop with the Locals and experience the rich diversity of Paris

Marche d’Aligre – Foodies flock to Marché d’Aligre, a lively and authentic outdoor Parisian market housed in the city’s authentic-feeling 12th arrondissement, or district, and located near the Bastille. Here you’ll find everything from fresh cheeses, spices and flowers to vintage apparel.

Des gâteaux et du pain – according to Time Out they have the best croissants in the city and score a 20 out of 20. You can’t leave France without at least eating a glistering, flakey croissant.


Petit Boutary – Excellent contemporary cuisine with seasonal ingredients. Dishes are perfectly executed and express the chef’s creativity.
Cuisines: French, Pub, Gastropub
Price: $$$$

Hebe – Amazing Mediterranean food at a reasonable price.
Cuisines: French, Mediterranean
Price: $$ – $$$

Le Cinq – A gourmet restaurant in Paris, France, part of the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Le Cinq opened in 2001 to much fanfare and rapidly achieved 1, 2, then 3 Michelin Red Guide stars under the direction of chef Philippe Legendre before being demoted to 2 stars.
Cuisines: French, European, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten-Free Options
Price: $$$$

Kei – It’s one of those places that serve good food in small portions at a very high price.
Cuisines: French, Vegetarian-Friendly, Gluten-Free Options
Price: $$$$

Paris Travel Guide and Basic Information

I have put together a quick guide to help you get to and find your way around Paris. Along with some hints on what accommodation you should pick.

ELECTRICITY Type C two-prong plug. Electrical outlets in France usually deliver power at 220-240 volts.
CURRENCY Euro (€).
TIPPING Think of it as a gesture, not an obligation. Once again, it’s not necessary but is appreciated for good service. There are no rules about tipping in France. In nicer restaurants, such as 3-start tables, where the service is exemplary, a tip of €20 is fine to leave.
NICKNAME  The City of Lights

Getting to Paris

Paris has two major airports, Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly. France’s only national airline is Air France, but many large and small airlines fly to the city daily from all over the world.

I recommend looking up flights on EasyJet, RyanAir, and Vueling; they have frequent flights to Paris that are cheap in price.

You might want to consider a Paris Orly Airport transfer service if you are looking to get from the airport city centre. It’s not too difficult and will be cheaper than booking a taxi.  You can take a look at this site for Paris Orly Airport transfers to the city centre for a bit more information. The transfers aren’t too complicated and will be less expensive than booking a taxi. If you are travelling with a large family or do have a lot of luggage, then I’d recommend looking into a Paris Airport mini-van transfer

For Europeans, Paris is serviced by both train and bus routes from throughout Europe. Gare du Nord is Paris’ major central train station that most long-distance trains arrive at. Rail Europe is a good source of information on getting train tickets to Paris. For budget busses, you should try Eurolines or Flixbus.

The best way of getting around in Paris?

I highly recommend taking the Paris Metro. This is easier (and less expensive and traffic-y) than a cab. The city is pretty big, so walking, while okay in some parts, is just not as feasible if you want to see it all. There are 16 lines and it’s easy once you get the hang of it, promise.

The metro runs from 5 am to 12:30 am and for the price of a ticket you can ride around all day long if you like. (as long as you don’t leave the system). Tickets can be bought at the ticket booth in the station one at a time, by ten or by 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 5-day, Le Paris Viste tickets for tourists. There are also weekly and monthly tickets called the Carte Orange. It’s a travel pass good for unlimited travel on the Paris metro and bus network. Paris’ train stations are often named after their nearest major landmark. Stations with names like Bastille, Louvre, Notre-Dame-des-Champs, and Opéra should at least help you get near to where you need to go.

In addition, Paris has an extensive bus network. And you can even take to the water and enjoy a river cruise from a range of tour providers that travel up the Seine.

You can also try a Paris Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour if you want to see as much Paris as possible in a short period of time. These are double-decker buses that have two routes covering the majority of the major city’s attractions, and they hop on/hop off at any stop along their route.


Paris uses the Euro currency as it is part of the European Union. In most places, you can use a credit or debit card with no problem, but in some markets, at artists’ stalls, there may not be any posts for cards. Some shops without EFTPOS terminals also exist.

Tipping is not expected, but it’s customary to round up your restaurant bill. A 5-10% tip would be standard at an expensive restaurant.


French is the official language of France. The French are notorious for refusing to speak any other language than their own. So underneath you can find some handy French phrases as well as some handy travel phrases that might come in handy during your time in the country.


English  French  
Hello / Good morning Bonjour
Good afternoon Bonne après-midi
Good evening Bonsoir
Thank you Merci
Please S’il vous plaît
Thank you very much Merci beaucoup
Yes Oui
No Non
Excuse me Excusez-moi
My name is… Je m’appelle…
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais?

Best time to visit France?

The best time to visit Paris is from April to June and October to early November when the weather is mild and enjoyable and the tourist crowds are smaller in the summer.

The cheapest time to visit Paris is early December, January, and February.  June is my favourite month to travel to Paris, as you pretty much have guaranteed nice weather. Do keep in mind that June is peak season in Europe, so it will be pretty busy and expensive.

Where to stay for 4 days in Paris?

Choosing where to stay in Paris might be difficult because there are so many interesting communities and a variety of hotels and Airbnbs available. Just a few alternatives are offered below.

Hôtel Le Walt Paris

Opposite the École Militaire metro station, Hotel Montenfer offers a chic designer style. Located only 13 minutes from the Eiffel Tower and Le Tombeau de Napoleon, this is an ideal place to stay while exploring Paris.

Sophisticated rooms boast reproductions of the Louvre’s artwork and dark wood furniture. Every room comes with a flat-screen TV, DVD player, free wi-fi access, as well as tea and coffee making facilities and minibars. Guests can choose to wake up to views of the Eiffel Tower as well.

Location: 37 Avenue De La Motte Picquet, 7th arr., Paris
Price: $235+ USD per night

Shangri-la Hotel 

At no. 10avenue d’Iena, the former residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris stands in a location overlooking the Eiffel Tower and River Seine. The hotel has been lovingly restored to its prior elegance and offers ultimate Parisian glamour from this centrally located 16th arrondissement.

Located only a 2-minute walk from Iéna metro station, 11 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower and 1 km from the Seine river.

Featuring heated marble bathrooms and minibars, our plush rooms offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and views of the Eiffel Tower or the river. Their upgraded rooms come with a balcony or a terrace. Luxurious suites come equipped with living rooms where we can enjoy dinner.

Location: 10 Avenue D’Iéna, 16th arr., Paris
Price: $1000+ USD per night

Best Hotels in paris

Grand Hôtel Du Palais Royal
Hôtel Adèle & Jules
Hôtel San Régis
Hôtel Plaza Athénée
Jardins de Mademoiselle Hôtel & Spa
InterContinental Paris Le Grand, an IHG Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris
Grand Hôtel Du Palais Royal
Hôtel Adèle & Jules
Hôtel San Régis
Hôtel Plaza Athénée
Jardins de Mademoiselle Hôtel & Spa
InterContinental Paris Le Grand, an IHG Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Now that we’ve gone over a few critical things to consider before your four days in Paris, let’s talk about the finest activities to do during your visit! While this itinerary is designed for first-timers, it contains a wealth of useful information for prior visitors!


Europe is such an amazing place to travel from and to. So many incredible cities in close proximity. Underneath are just a couple of amazing cities that you can check out after Paris:

  • Amsterdam | The capital city of the Netherlands and home to beautiful historic buildings, cool canals and so much more.
  • Rotterdam | Rotterdam is located 1 hour away from Amsterdam. Home to incredible architecture, amazing food and charming neighbourhoods, you’ll want at least 1 day in Rotterdam.
  • Brussels, Belgium  | Although it’s possible to do a day trip from Amsterdam to Brussels, you’ll want at least 48 hours in Brussels to see the highlights. This city is ridiculously stunning and a must-see in my opinion.
  • London, UK |  Spend 4 days in London exploring this stunning and imposing city.

If you have any questions about this 4 day in Paris itinerary, let me know in the comments below!

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