First of all, thank you for taking an interest in me.

My name in Nonie, a full time working professional who has a tremendous love for traveling. I currently live in Sydney Australia, but originally from a small town in the Netherlands.IMG_3219

I started Bondi to Basic after getting my heart broken and I needed an outlet. I love being creative, taking pictures and writing so I decided on a hot Saturday afternoon to start this blog.

I am currently going through a bit of a depression. Not knowing what I want to do in life and how I can become happy again. I am not someone who will write about those types of topics, but by blogging about things that do make me happy, I hope I can lift my spirit again. 


If you guys like my blog, and I can make it into a success (For me that means: having a steady flow of traffic and the possibility of making a living from this website) then I would love to go on a big adventure around the world. There are so many amazing places that I would love to explore and blog about. Hopefully one day.

haha kopieA few extra things you might not know about me: I’m a Taurus – that means that I am just a tad stubborn (but that runs in my family), I can’t sing or dance or play an instrument, I’m single as f*ck, I used to be a decent volleyball player, I used to ride horseback, my number one dream is to have a successful business and not work 9-5, I don’t like to eat, I lived in India for 5 months, I want love to travel the world with someone, and I am blind as a bat.


I have set up a twitter for this blog Tweet me here or leave a comment on one of my posts if you want to talk with me.

You can also send me an email: bonditobasic@hotmail.com

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