Lodging review | Adina Apartments, Bondi Beach

Lodging review | Adina Apartments, Bondi Beach

Located in the heart of Bondi Beach lies a small apartment hotel, Adina. Located at amidst bars, cafes, restaurants and boutique shops in Sydney’s most famous beach neighborhood. Just minutes walk from the beach lies a 2 story – small, contemporary hotel equipped with all the necessities that you require for a mini-break from life.

Making my way to Adina was super simple and straightforward. Hopping on the 333 bus line from Circular Quay conveniently drops you off at Bondi beach. From there it is an easy 5-minute walk to the hotel.

The reception area is very modern and open. With several couches, computer and access to the pool, it is very welcoming. A minimalist color palette, with soft lines and a decorative stone wall, gives a modern, but not cold feel. Varying room categories fit all types of travelers, even those who travel with children or with other couples as they offer inconnected rooms.


The check-in was not the best I have had. You know when you have someone who does the job for a long time and doesn’t really acknowledge you go over the process properly. Since I run a hotel myself, I know how a check-in should go. I felt like the lady who was checking me in wasn’t ‘hospitality’ friendly.

She kinda went over things but I wasn’t certain how and what.

For example, there were people waiting at reception and they asked for some towels for the pool. I was not explained that I could get some, but just because they asked for it, I knew that it was possible.

I was also waiting to be checked in, and people who just rocked up to reception where cutting the line. The receptionist didn’t say anything and just proceeded to help them.

It was just little things but they are oh so important when you arrive at your hotel.


I had reserved a double room with a large double bed. Additionally, I added the comment to the booking requesting a sunny balcony since the hotel offers rooms with balconies.

I was allocated a room on the second floor, 206. The room itself is absolutely massive. You have a large open entry with lots of storage an open kitchen with dining room and adjacent (on the left) the open bedroom and straight and a small couch and TV area. Adjacent to that is a tiny balcony overlooking some restaurants.

Adina Appartments in Bondi Beach. A review

I loved how massive the room is, really giving you a spacious vibe. There is a sliding door that you can close when you go to bed so that you don’t have to look at the kitchen when in the bedroom. It feels strange having it open so I was glad I could close it.

Adina Appartments in Bondi Beach. A reviewAdina Appartments in Bondi Beach. A review

The kitchen is pretty modern and equipped with everything you need. Oven, large fridge and even a dishwasher. WINNING.

The bathroom is also massive with a toilet, sink and large shower.


One of the panels in the shower was missing. I initially thought this was designed this way (I am pretty sure it was not) because when I had a shower 1 of the 2 panels that were there turned out to be a door. I now had to be pretty careful not to splash water all over my bathroom. And I think this is a major flaw in a hotel room.

My balcony was SUPER TINY. I was looking forward to chilling on this balcony when I originally made the booking. I wanted to blog in the evening with a glass of wine and some delicious cheese. But it was WAY to small to have a proper table on there. Secondly, the balcony had not been cleaned, cause it was pretty gross. When things like that are not cleaned, you automatically wonder what else has not been cleaned properly.


Adina Appartments in Bondi Beach. A review

The hotel offers the following general facilities:

  • on-site 24-hour gym,
  • A semi-outdoor pool
  • Spa and outdoor area

If you know me then you know I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in a while. I know I should… But nope. I am still getting used to being a blogger, so I forgot to go in an check it out. Sorry.

I was in the pool about 5 minutes after checking in. I raced to my room, saw that it was ok, changed into my bikini and 3 minutes later I was floating in the water like Patrick Star. It is a small pool, but since there were only 3 other guests at the time it was fine. The only thing I really didn’t like was the dirty diaper that was left on one of the tables and was just sitting there, stinking. YUK.


Free unlimited WiFi is available at a restricted speed of 512Kbps for up to to 2 devices, per room. If higher speed or additional devices are required, extra packages can be purchased.

I found that the internet was very fast and you don’t require to purchase faster. I was able to watch Youtube and even blog without any issues.


The hotel is perfectly located near Bondi Beach. It truly is less than 5 minutes from this stunning world-famous beach. It is also surrounded by lovely boutiques, delicious ice cream, and good restaurants. The location of Adina apartments is therefore perfect.


Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney

69-73 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, Bondi, Sydney, 2026, Australia

Phone: +61293004800

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