Balmoral Beach

What is better than spending a Saturday afternoon at the beach! Especially when it is supposed to be autumn and we still have summer temperatures (27 degrees the day I went to the beach)

This weekend I ended up going to a local beach about 20 minutes from where I live. It is a family-friendly beach because it is a harbor beach and therefore you don’t get many waves. It has lovely clear blue water so you can see a lot of fish if you snorkel or wear goggles. 


Balmoral Beach in Mosman has become one of my to go to beaches in summer. There is just something special about this quiet beach on the North Shore of Sydney. Despite its ever-growing popularity, Balmoral still feels like a quaint seaside town. There is a number of delicious dinners for when you feel peakish, low rise buildings and no tourist spots or famous hotels.

Balmoral Beach, Mosman Sydney

Balmoral consists of two beaches, split in the middle by Rocky Point Island. South of the island is Balmoral Beach, with an enclosed swimming area, and north lies Edwards Beach, where you can find the beautiful Balmoral Bathers Pavilion, which houses the Bathers’ Pavilion Restaurant. The ‘island’ itself is worth exploring (It’s tiny, so it won’t take you long) But it offers some cool views of both beaches, making a cool place to take some Instagram pics.

Across from the bridge that joins the Esplanade to Rocky Point Island, is the Balmoral Beach Rotunda. It is such a stunning little place which is often used for weddings.

Balmoral Beach RotundaBalmoral Beach Rotunda

Along the esplanade are lots of trees giving of lots of shade, when the sun gets a bit too harsh. Additionally, there are lots of benches and picknick tables to be found. At some spots, it is allowed to barbeque (I think, I have seen people do it) There are plenty of changing and bathroom amenities available throughout both beaches.

Balmoral Beach, Mosman Sydney

Along both beaches runs a wide and beautiful esplanade, which is perfect when you want to go for a stroll.

Balmoral Beach, Mosman Sydney


Since I live in North Sydney, I  get on the 257 bus that goes from my front door and drops me off at the beach. If you are staying in the city then the easiest way is to hop on a ferry at Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo and catch a connecting bus. You can plan your trip here. The total trip from the city takes about 30 minutes, so not to bad!

If you drive, prepare for a parking battle as the beach gets very busy, particularly on sunny summer weekends. Parking near the beach costs $7 an hour, but you can park in the backstreets for free. (Very limited spots though) I suggest you take the bus to the beach to prevent some parking frustrations.

Balmoral Beach, Mosman Sydney



Balmoral Beach, Mosman

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