Bondi Guide | What To See, Eat & Shop in Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Guide | What To See, Eat & Shop in Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Sydney and for good reason! It’s beautiful, located right in the heart of Bondi and there’s plenty to do.

There is more to see in Bondi than at Bondi Beach, so welcome to our guide dedicated to residents or newcomers to Sydney.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best things to see, eat and shop in Bondi Beach. Whether you’re looking to explore the markets or just relax on the beach, we’ve got you covered.

So read on for all the info you need to have an amazing time in Bondi Beach!

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Whilst it is only a 15-minute drive from the city centre when traffic is quiet, and at least double that number while thousands of people arrive on it on a hot summer weekend day, Bondi is no more than half an hour by car.

You won’t find a better beach as close to the city centre as Bondi Beach is to Sydney – when compared to any other city in the world. Granted, public transportation may be difficult during the summer weekends, but that should not deter you!

Public Transport

Catch the train to Bondi Junction and then board a bus directly to Bondi Beach from the train/bus terminal. The 380, 381, 382, and 333 buses all run from Bondi Junction and will take about 10 minutes. Before taking the bus or train, you’ll need a pre-paid Opal Card from convenience stores and major transit stations.


It will probably cost between $22 and $30 to travel from the Sydney CBD to Bondi Beach in a Uber.


There’s plenty of parking and it’s really simple to get to Bondi Beach (although best to arrive early as it will soon fill up if you don’t want to walk 10 minutes!).

Things to Do at Bondi Beach

Underneath I will show you some of the best things to do in Bondi Beach! I will start with the Bondi to Coogee walk, as this is a must-do for sure!

 The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is probably one of the most iconic coastal walks that you can do in Sydney (or maybe even in Australia!)


This amazing coastal walk is six kilometres long, but since you have stunning views to distract you, it doesn’t feel like it is that long. You will encounter stunning ocean views, ocean pools, a historic cemetery, Australian wildlife (If you are lucky you might even see a whale or two) and stunning oceanfront mansions.

Most people (Including myself) start the walk at Bondi Beach and ended up at Coogee Beach. The walk will take you about 2.30 hours. I did stop to take about a million pictures, so if you don’t do that and act like a normal human being, it will take you about 2 hours.  Besides Bondi and Coogee you will also pass Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, Clovelly Beach and Gordons Bay, GORGEOUS!

There are a couple of restaurants that you can stop at along the way, or you can bring your own food and eat somewhere on the many many picnic grounds or benches.

The walk is fairly easy, but not wheelchair accessibility – unfortunately. The last bit, just before and after Gordon’s bay, is a bit of a pain. There are quite a few stairs to climb up, so keep that in mind. The path is pretty straightforward. But if in doubt, hug the coastline and follow the crowds.

Distance: 6 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: medium

To start, go to the famous lifeguard tower at Bondi Beach!


Things to do in bondi beach. The Bondi to Coogee Walk. Cathing a sunset

The starting point for the walk. This world-famous beach is a Sydney ICON. Whether you are here in Summer or Winter, you will see people flocking to this beach. – Not to mention that Hugh Jackman is a regular and is frequently seen doing his best Baywatch impression LOL ladies you know what’s up 😉

It is also home to probably the second most famous lifeguard crew in the world, no one can top Baywatch of course. Their tower is located in the middle of the beach. Please try not to disturb them, however, they are hard at work making sure that everyone is safe.

From the Lifeguard tower walk towards South Bondi along the boardwalk. On the boardwalk seawall, you can see some amazing graffiti. It features anything from contemporary art to political messages.

Things to do in bondi beach. The Bondi to Coogee WalkThings to do in bondi beach. The Bondi to Coogee Walk

Keep walking south and walk past the Bondi Iceberg club. This is a famous restaurant and swimming pool and offers some cool views of Bondi Beach. I suggest not to eat here because it is very expensive.

Now, just keep following the crowd and keep walking South. Here the cliffs will start to show its full force.  It is truly beautiful (I will try to minimize the times that I use words like beautiful and amazing in this post, but its just so…beautiful)

At this spot, I sat down for a quick lunch. I brought some sandwiches with Dutch Sprinkles and lots of water.

Things to do in bondi beach. The Bondi to Coogee Walk


When you continue following the path you will bump into Tamarama Beach. This beach is home to an interestingly painted Surf Life Saving Club, which is standing importantly on the clifftop, you cannot miss it. This deep tongue of sand is as popular for its surf conditions as it is for its posing – it is not hard to see why it is earned the nickname Glamorama.

Tamarama Beach during the Bondi to Coogee Walk

Keep walking along the pathway walking slight up the cliffs towards your next beach. During the 10-15-minute walk, I saw this little guy in the bushes. So, keep your eyes open for these beautiful creatures. (I think this is a female Superb Fairy-wren, but I’m not sure, not a bird expert)

Superb Fairy-wren


This beach is known as Bondi’s little sister and it is pretty much just as stunning. The clear blue ocean, soft sand, great restaurants, and amenities make this a great beach to chill and take a dip. Since it is winter when I did the walk I opted out lol.

Bronte Beach

Again, just keep following the path, just before the toilets you have to take a left to go up the stairs to continue the walk. So pay attention when you are there. You will walk towards a dead-end otherwise, no big deal, just some extra steps for you.

Walk for another 5 minutes and you will encounter a detour. In 2016 there where some rowdy storms in Sydney, leaving a heck of a lot of damage. Some of the boardwalks got damaged, so you know you have to take a detour through the Waverley cemetery. I love old cemetery’s like this, but I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea.


I find this heritage-listed cemetery incredibly fascinating. Loads of imposing Victorian and Edwardian monuments, statues and graves that neatly spill down the hill towards the ocean, I found it imposing.

The cemetery is immense so take a quiet and quick detour and wander around. Please do be respectful, it is a graveyard that you are wandering in after all.


Once you have seen enough graves follow the signs back towards the coastal walk.


Up next is not the prettiest beach you have ever seen, quite underwhelming over all the impressive beaches on this walk. The beach has two concrete platforms on the side, which attracted heaps of sunbathers and a pool on one side of the beach. This is pretty much it. Clovelly is used a lot of the time for swimmers, as the way it is designed is perfect for session training and save from jellies and other lurking creatures.


Keep walking and you will come across some serious lawn bowls game at the cliff-top Clovelly Lawn Bowls Club – possibly the most scenic bowls club in the world.

Keep walking and you will end up at some of the views you will see of Gordons Bay. Some tricky stairs are between you and this Bay, but boy is it worth climbing these. Also, you do not really want to walk all the way back, since you are so close to the end of the walk by now.


Isn’t she pretty?! This bay has some of the bluest water you have ever seen. Truly breathtaking. This little-hidden nugget is great for snorkelling, it also has loads of little fishing boats dominating the beach. There is however not a lot of sand at Gordons Bay. But it is also the least crowded of all six beaches and feels somewhat like a secret.

Gordons Bay


Last but not least, Coogee Beach. This beach is a lot quieter than braggy Bondi. Coogee is just as good, and if you are not into massive grouds, one could say it might even be a tad better!

There is a large grass area to chill on, ocean pools and Coogee Beach is a lot calmer to swim at (thank you Wedding Cake Island). See the same, but different. There is also lots of buzz, lots of sand and lots of green spaces for Frisbee-throwing or beach volleyball.

Coogee Beach

Coogee beach is the end of the Bondi to Coogee walk. If you are staying at Bondi Beach, then head to the bus stop and hop on the 313, 353 towards Bondi Junction and from there change over to Bondi Beach lines. If you want to go to Sydney Central, then you can take the M50, 374 or 372.

More Things to do in Bondi beach

Of course, the walk is not the only thing you can do in Bondi Beach. Underneath are a couple more great options for you to check out!


The iconic Icebergs Club is one of the most famous pools in the world. A Bondi landmark and a popular spot for locals and tourists/celebrities alike. Come during the day to swim (adult entrance fee for pool & sauna is $9 AUD) or at sunset to enjoy a cocktail on the terrace. Perched against the ocean, waves regularly crash into the pool as guests are swimming or sunbathing on the rocks.

This is also a great spot to take Instagram pictures. During the day and around sunset time, the different colours in water make a great feature on your Instagram account.


Bondi to Coogee Walk

Taking a dip at Bondi Beach is an absolute must. This world-famous beach cannot be seen without having a dip in the ocean. Now be smart and swim between the flags, otherwise, you might be staring in an episode of Bondi Rescue.  Although the ocean looks (often) pretty mellow, it can actually be quite tricky underneath the surface. Dangerous rips can be found all over the beaches and the Boys in Blue know how to spot them (Hallelujah!)

The beach is also popular with surfers. Whether you are a newbie and need lessons, or a pro and love catching waves, this beach is perfect for all. The waves can get crowded, so you do need a bit of patience.


Things to do in bondi beach. The Bondi to Coogee Walk. Cathing a sunset

You can catch some amazing sunsets at Bondi Beach. In summer they can get intents and red, so for me, its a bit too early. But even in spring when they are a bit more fresh and mellow, they are still absolutely stunning. I went to the iceberg club to catch the sunset there. Which is probably the most popular and most photographed spot.


The markets are the perfect place to ‘window shopping’, buy lovely fresh flowers, second-hand books and handmade gifts such as paintings of Bondi Beach and jewellery. The markets trading days and hours are as follows:




Please check if these restaurants are still operating when you are travelling to Bondi. They change very often, so I don’t want you to be disappointed when they are permanently closed. These are some restaurants that I tried during a couple of stays:

Bondi Hardware | 39 Hall St |  Bondi Beach NSW 2026
I had late lunch here when I arrived on the Friday right after checking in. I loved the food and the atmosphere. It describes themselves as having inventive bistro food and cocktails in a funky, rustic-chic restaurant with a leafy courtyard.

Sean’s Panorama | 270 Campbell Parade | Bondi Beach NSW 2026
A cozy space with eclectic decor, a passionate and attentive wait staff, and top-notch food. I really loved it here. Their dishes are seasonal and fresh and absolutely delicious.

Hurricane’s Grill & Bar Bondi Beach | 130 Roscoe Street |  Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Their steaks, racks of beef, pork and lamb ribs are a must-try! And whatever you do… Get the roasted garlic potatoes on the side, mouthwateringly good.


Naomi Levi  | 52 Hall Street | Bondi Beach NSW 2026
beautiful boho clothing made from quality materials. From stunning flowy dresses to cute tops and some jewellery this store has it all.

Mezi Australia | 1/9 Hall St | Bondi Beach NSW 2026
I am not sure if this is a chain store, but I have never seen it before. A stunning jewellery shop. Not the cheapest you will ever find, but it has some really beautiful jewellery.

Every time I come to Bondi also pop into Camilla Boutique.  I love to check out her latest collections. Unfortunately, this shop is also on the pricier side, so I tend to only ogle and their lovely clothing and leave the shop feeling sad that I can’t afford to buy anything.


Located in the heart of Bondi Beach lies a small apartment hotel, Adina. Located at amidst bars, cafes, restaurants and boutique shops in Sydney’s most famous beach neighbourhood. Just minutes walk from the beach lies a 2 story – small, contemporary hotel equipped with all the necessities that you require for a mini-break from life.

Making my way to Adina was super simple and straightforward. Hopping on the 333 bus line from Circular Quay conveniently drops you off at Bondi beach. From there it is an easy 5-minute walk to the hotel.

The reception area is very modern and open. With several couches, computer and access to the pool, it is very welcoming. A minimalist colour palette, with soft lines and a decorative stone wall, gives a modern, but not cold feel. Varying room categories fit all types of travellers, even those who travel with children or with other couples as they offer interconnected rooms.

I have stayed at this apartment hotel a couple of times now, and below you can find my review when I stayed there last.


I had reserved a double room with a large double bed. Additionally, I added the comment to the booking requesting a sunny balcony since the hotel offers rooms with balconies.

I was allocated a room on the second floor, 206. The room itself is absolutely massive. You have a large open entry with lots of storage an open kitchen with a dining room and adjacent (on the left) the open bedroom and straight and a small couch and TV area. Adjacent to that is a tiny balcony overlooking some restaurants.

I loved how massive the room is, really giving you a spacious vibe. There is a sliding door that you can close when you go to bed so that you don’t have to look at the kitchen when in the bedroom. It feels strange having it open so I was glad I could close it.

The kitchen is pretty modern and equipped with everything you need. Oven, large fridge and even a dishwasher. WINNING.

The bathroom is also massive with a toilet, sink and large shower.

One of the panels in the shower was missing. I initially thought this was designed this way (I am pretty sure it was not) because when I had a shower 1 of the 2 panels that were there turned out to be a door. I now had to be pretty careful not to splash water all over my bathroom. And I think this is a major flaw in a hotel room.

My balcony was SUPER TINY. I was looking forward to chilling on this balcony when I originally made the booking. I wanted to blog in the evening with a glass of wine and some delicious cheese. But it was WAY too small to have a proper table on there. Secondly, the balcony had not been cleaned, because it was pretty gross. When things like that are not cleaned at all, you automatically wonder what else has not been cleaned properly.


The hotel offers the following general facilities:

  • On-site 24-hour gym,
  • A semi-outdoor pool
  • Spa and outdoor area

If you know me then you know I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in a while. I know I should… But nope. I am still getting used to being a blogger, so I forgot to go in and check it out. Sorry.

I was in the pool about 5 minutes after checking in. I raced to my room, saw that it was ok, changed into my bikini and 3 minutes later I was floating in the water like Patrick Star. It is a small pool, but since there were only 3 other guests at the time it was fine. The only thing I really didn’t like was the dirty diaper that was left on one of the tables and was just sitting there, stinking. YUK.

Free unlimited WiFi is available at a restricted speed of 512Kbps for up to to 2 devices, per room. If higher speed or additional devices are required, extra packages can be purchased.

I found that the internet was very fast and you don’t require to purchase faster. I was able to watch Youtube and even blog without any issues.

All in all, I do like the hotel! The location for a weekend getaway is absolutely perfect and the rooms are massive. They do need to step up their game when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance. It was not horrible that I never want to stay their again, but (as a hotel manager myself) I think some changes are needed. You obviously shouldn’t sell a room where a shower screen is missing.


If you love Australia and are looking for some cool prints, digital artwork or even some cool stickers to spruce up your planners, then have a look at my Etsy Shop – Bondi to Basic Designs. I over lots of amazing  artworks. From the stunning cockatoo to the colourful Rainbow Lorikeets, Koala’s and much more!Bondi to Basic Designs




What To See, Eat & Shop in Bondi Beach, Sydney

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