Cape Hillsborough National Park

This spring, I was lucky enough to visit Queensland, Australia again. I went on a 20-day road trip through some of the prettiest spots in the country. Queensland is filled with stunning national parks, reef filled oceans, rainforests and lots of spectacular wildlife. 

One of the most spectacular places I visited during this trip was Cape Hillsborough National Park. The national park can be found near MacKay and offers some of the most spectacular sights! From Kangaroos on the beach during sunset to Prehistoric rock formations and the rainforest meets the ocean. 

 In this post, I will show you what you can see and do during your visit to this park. Let’s dive in and explore this incredible national park…. 


Cape Hillsborough National Park can be found about 45 minutes north of Mackay (Queensland) The National Park is pretty stunning and a sight to behold! You will find the rainforest meets the shoreline, which reminded me of Hawaii, volcanic headlands, eucalyptus forests home to koalas and kookaburras and impressive prehistoric rock formations.

This is where you can also see one of the most iconic Australian photo backdrops, the ‘Roo on the beach’ at sunrise.

Cape Hillsborough National Park

Where to stay at Cape Hillsborough National Park

The best place to stay is at the Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park. This is located next to the beach and allows you to not only see those spectacular sunsets but also stay in bed as long as possible and still make it on time to watch the kangaroos hopping along the shoreline. 

The tourist park offers reasonable places either with our without electricity. If you wish to have a spot near/on the beach, then I am pretty certain you have to get a spot without electricity. 

The park has a small pool (Which is great for kids, not so much an adult pool) a small restaurant which is open till 3 pm and ping-pong and mini-golf facilities. There is a no-noise curfew so the campsite is not too loud. (Even though I got woken up by kids in the pool at 7 am, but ok) 

The communal facilities (Showers and toilets) are not the best ever, but if you are used to camping then you won’t have any issues. 

Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park

The campsite is also home to two kangaroos. Their mothers both got unfortunately killed when they got hit by a car and the campsite is now their home base.  If you have a spot near the swimming pool and washing lines, then you will certainly bump into them. Since they are bottle raised, so they are pretty tame, but you get advised on arrival not to feed or touch them (Unfortunately I have seen many people do attempt to tough them, which is such a shame) 

Best times to visit Cape Hillsborough National Park

Since it has a subtropical climate, you can pretty much visit the national park year-round. I would just try to avoid the rain season (November – April).  


Next to the campground starts a 2.8 or 5.2 Kilometre walk (Depending on high or low tide) It is called the Andrews Point Track walk. I must say that this is a reasonably challenging walk due to heat and the sheer number of steps you have to climb. We did have a couple of kids doing it as well, so it is possible, but the initial climbs to the top is an interesting one. So be prepared! 

Cape Hillsborough Walks

The first lookout you encounter is Twin Peaks. Offering some pretty spectacular views of Cape Hillsborough’s main beach. 

It is then only 600 meters to Turtle Beach. From there you either do the walk back as you came, but when it is low tide, you can keep going. You then walk to Twin beach and walk back towards the beginning point of the walk from there. 


The beach has a stunning backdrop due to the rainforest nearly touching the water. It has a prehistoric feel due to its rough terrain and massive rocks sprawling around the beach. 

cape hillsborough beach kangaroos

You can swim in the ocean, but there are warning signs to be careful of Jellies. The Jelly season may be present in the waters of tropical Queensland year-round, with the higher risk season between October and May. I was there in September and there were no signs of them yet. The park does not have crocodile signs, so don’t think they are in that area. The beach is unpatrolled, so swimming is at your own risk. 


The Cape Hillsborough Beach Kangaroos is probably one of your main reason to want to visit this national park. 

At 5.20 am the roos gather of the beach for probably the most Australian scenes you will ever see. They frolic on the beach until a ranger gives them some food and they nibble away whilst the sun rises. 

When they are done feeding is when you are able to snap some of your most icon Aussie pics. When they hop towards the cover of the trees is when they hop passed the rising sun…. Simply iconic. 

cape hillsborough beach kangarooscape hillsborough beach kangaroos


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