Cape hillsborough kangaroos | How to spot the kangaroos during sunrise

This spring, I was lucky enough to visit Queensland, Australia again. I went on a 20-day road trip through some of the prettiest spots in the country. Queensland is filled with stunning national parks, reef filled oceans, rainforests and lots of spectacular wildlife.  One of the most spectacular places I visited during this trip was Cape Hillsborough National Park. The national park can be found near MacKay and offers some of the most spectacular natural sights! From kangaroos and wallabies on the beach during sunrise to imposing prehistoric rock formations and stunning untouched rainforests.   When you set your alarm at 5.15 am you know it’s going to be spectacular (Or a least, it better be). My alarm went off at this gauzily hour to watch a sunrise with kangaroos and wallabies playing and chilling on the beach whilst the sun slowly rose behind them. In this blog post, I will take you along this incredible sight at Cape Hillsborough National Park. I will show you many photos and I will give you my honest opinion about whether it is worth the early morning wake up call.  Let’s explore the kangaroos of Cape Hillsborough National Park! 

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