Epic Bucket List Road Trip: Sydney to Melbourne

Connecting two of Australia’s biggest cities, a Sydney to Melbourne road trip is an amazing way to experience the stunning South Coast of Australia. While most will opt for the shorter inland route through Canberra, a coastal drive from Sydney to Melbourne is well worth the extra time and kilometres. The Princes Highway is as beautiful and unique as it is long (1,000 kilometres). It rivals the splendour and variety of Great Ocean Road in terms of beauty and diversity. It is packed with unique treasures that will make for an unforgettable journey. This seaside route includes stunning beaches, rough wilderness and lots of typical Aussie wildlife! I have travelled from Sydney to Melbourne along the Coastal Discovery Drive and would easily put this trip on my list of favourite road trips done Down Under! It is such a nice way to get from Sydney to Melbourne—or vice versa—without the need to fly. These seaside attractions are well worth a stop, even if you only have a few days to drive from Sydney to Melbourne. This Sydney to Melbourne road trip itinerary is best enjoyed over 14 days but can be adjusted to suit any schedule. In this blog post, I’ll offer you a taste of what awaits you on your journey from Sydney to Melbourne as well as some of the must-see attractions in both cities. This isn’t only for people who are travelling between these two cities, but also for those who live in one or both of them and are searching for new ideas.

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3 Days in Melbourne: A Quick Guide to the Gem of Australia

Melbourne is a stunning city that offers travelers the perfect balance of Melbourne’s heritage and Melbourne’s modernity. Melbourne has something for everyone, with beaches, parks, pubs, restaurants and more. I grew up in the Netherlands, and this was my first experience living in another country on my own. When I first moved to Australia, most of you didn’t know that I’d spent four months living in Melbourne. This interesting metropolis is known for its coffee drinking culture, outstanding arts and cultural events, and wonderful shopping options. If you want to see what Melbourne is all about, make a city tour of the laneways covered in brilliant gravity, drink coffee at hidden cafés, and spend evenings viewing art galleries. The metropolis is sophisticated, gritty, and well-known for its four seasons in one day (be careful), and it’s a must-see while traveling In this Melbourne 3-day itinerary, I’ll show you the finest sites to visit when visiting Melbourne, including a drive along the Great Ocean Road. Let’s get started…

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One day Itinerary Melbourne | All Must Sees and Do’s

Melbourne is known for its coffee drinking culture, its amazing arts, sports events and its great shopping opportunities. If you want to do at a true Melbournian city trip, then you must visit the iconic laneways, covered in colorful gravity, sip coffee at hidden coffee shops and spend evenings in art galleries(dreamy).  The city is sophisticated, gritty and known for its 4 seasons in 1 day (be aware) and is a definite must-see when you are in Australia. In this blog post, I will show you what to see and do in a One-day itinerary to Melbourne. 

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