A One-Day Guide to Ghent: What to See and Where to Eat

Ghent, often neglected by tourists, is overshadowed by its fairytale neighbor Bruges. Ghent, with its magnificent castle, lovely medieval old town and picturesque canals, is not to be missed. Ghent was once one of the most significant commercial cities in all of Europe during the Middle Ages. Nowadays, it’s a vibrant university city in Belgium’s Flemish region. Ghent, nevertheless, maintains its historical character and appearance, making it an ideal city for a day visit. Ghent is the ideal alternative if you love Bruges’ medieval atmosphere but find it too busy and touristy. These historical attractions are all around five minutes’ walk from each other, so it’s absolutely possible to see Ghent in one day. This extensive one day Ghent itinerary is perfect for all who want to explore the city during a day trip! In this blog post, I will show you all the important attractions that you should check out!

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Belgian Wonderland: 2-Day Brussels Itinerary

You’ve booked your flight to Brussels, and you’re wondering what there is to see in the city. Brussels may not be as beautiful as Paris, but it certainly has enough character (and delicious waffles) to make your trip worthwhile. Brussels is a great destination for those interested in history, art, magnificent structures, and odd sculptures such as Manneken Pis. This Brussels Itinerary contains everything you need to see and do in the city during your brief visit. Brussels is the country’s capital and the largest city in Belgium. It is recognized for its Brussels landmarks, Belgian chocolate stores, some of the most stunning Christmas markets in Europe, excellent beer, and Moules-Frites (mussels and fries). Brussels is also home to a number of top-ranking museums, magnificent Art Deco buildings, and well-preserved historic city center. It’s time to share with you how to spend two days in Brussels. Continue reading for a travel advice on how to arrange the greatest two-day European city break in Brussels.

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Bruges one day itinerary | Find Bruges Best Things to Do

Recently my sister has spent a weekend in Bruges, Belgium. This city is one of those places that grabs you and will be in your hearth forever. From stunning buildings from the Middle Ages to impressive churches, museums and lots of delicious restaurants. This city has it all! It’s the ultimate weekend getaway if you are from the Netherlands, Germany or France! Even if you can only do Bruges in one day, you’ll get plenty done in this compact UNESCO-heritage listed city centre. In this Bruges one day itinerary, I will show my must-see recommendations, but also my things to see and do, what to eat, and some recommended hotels. Here’s all you can get up to when you have a weekend in Bruges, Belgium!

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