The Best of London in 4 Days | An Itinerary

If you are looking for an extensive 4 day London itinerary, you have come to the right place! London is one of my favorite cities in Europe! Together with my close friend I have spent many city trips to this incredible city. We spend hours exploring the city, talking free walking tours and just being a proper tourist. After hours or research, walking the city and getting information from locals, I am now sharing my best tips for spending 4 days in London! Though you possibly can’t see everything in London in 4 days, this very extensive itinerary covers as much ground and sights as possible. View Post


Whether you are exploring the magnificent buildings built by the Ottoman empire or shopping at the Grand Bazaar, there are various incredible things to experience while visiting Istanbul.  Spanning over Europe as well as Asia, this ancient city has so much culture and history to offer. The various buildings reflect the different empires that ruled the city creating a melting pot of different styles. If you are a foodie like me, you will enjoy indulging on delicious traditional desserts and coffee. I have visited the city multiple times and if you want to find out why I fell in love with Istanbul and were the best spots are to visit, then check out my Istanbul travel guide below…  View Post


If you are a travel blogger, lifestyle blogger, an Instagram influencer, vlogger or travel fanatic you must have seen those amazing photos of people swimming and chilling with pigs on a tropical island. I know I have seen many of those, wishing I was there. Some travel friends of him have been traveling the world lately and were incredibly lucky to have actually done this and were too kind to help me compile this post for you guys. So if you are wanting to go swim with these adorable piggy’s then read on. I will show you where to go, what to do and which is the best spot to go to. View Post


If you are planning to travel to Bali, then I am certain you have heard of the spectacular Tegalalang Rice Terrace. If you are planning to visit one (Hint: you should) then make sure to read this post. During my first trip to Bali, I did a full-day guided tour with a local. Besides the mental monkeys at the monkey sanctuary, I also stopped at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The stunning Rice Terrace is part of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprises of lush emerald-green terrace’s still being worked by local rice farmers. You truly have to see it in order to grasp its beauty. So here’s everything you need to know about a quick trip to Bali’s famous rice fields in Ubud, the Tegallalang Rice Terrace. View Post


What is better than hopping on a plane and a couple of hours later you end up on a volcanic island with some unique ‘moon-like’ landscape, blissful weather and cool beaches. This is exactly what I did during a trip to Europe last year. Lanzarote (Spain) is one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa is known for its year-round warm weather, beaches, and volcanic landscape.  Here is what I did during my holiday there. View Post
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