If you are planning your first trip to Bali, Indonesia, then a trip to Ubud Monkey Forrest is kind of a must! Ubud Monkey Forest, also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, is one of Ubud’s most popular attractions. A natural forest sanctuary that is home to a large horde of grey long-tailed macaques. I visited this sanctuary during my trip to Bali last year. Due to some nastiness at the end of my holiday, I kind of forgot to write a couple of blog posts, including this one. So in this blog post, I will take you along with me to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. I will show you the best way to get there, what it costs, what to do and what not to do when wandering around this amazing jungle whilst being surrounded by cheeky monkeys. View Post


So you are thinking about going to Amsterdam? But you are a tad concerned whether it is too crazy for you? Or how to get there? Or how not to get run over by a mad Dutchy on a bike?  Then don’t worry here is a first timers guide to Amsterdam. This is not a city guide, if you want to know all the must-see sights, then check out this post here.  This post is to help you get there, the must-knows, the bike laws and warnings and much more helpful information to hopefully help you have a great holiday in Hollands main capital.  View Post

Everything to See and Do in New York City

New York city is one of those destinations that is on most people’s bucket list.  The city, home to over 8.5 million people, contains so much to see and do, that you will need a couple of visits and even then you will barely scratch the surface. This city is home to thousands of restaurants, hundreds of incredible museums, attractions, Broadway shows, and cool quirky things to do. As a first time traveler, how do you visit a city as fast as this? What are the best things to see and do here?  How do you make the most of your time here? I have therefore made this post that includes where to eat, where to stay, what to see and when to go. We have tried to make it as all comprising as possible and ended up with a post with more than 3000 words. So, I hope you will enjoy this guide and leave a quick comment underneath if you found it helpful or when you are going to use it for your trip to New York. View Post

Mini Guide to Oormarsum | Twente, The Netherlands

I think pretty much 100% of the people following my blog have never heard of this small town before. Heck, I am certain if I would ask a Dutchman, most of them would say they don’t know where this little town is located. And, I can’t blame you. It is a pretty small town in the East of the Netherlands, and there is not a whole lot happening. You might wonder, why the heck would I write a post about it then? Well, this town is where my family originated. My family is super small and we have an unusual last name, so it is pretty easy to track our history (well we didn’t even have to do that, cause my grandpa is the first of the family to leave his village for love nawwwwwwwwwww). The town is actually very cute and went I was back home last September and I visited it with my parents. I took a bunch of photos which I would like to share with you. Additionally, I will give you some basic information, in case you are ever in the area and would like to check it out. View Post

Rome travel guide | When visiting Rome for the first time

Rome is a city that has an amazing mix of old and new. A city that has kept its stunning and historic buildings whilst moving along in the modern world. You can wander the quaint cobblestone streets with a delicious gelato in your hand whilst walking from one stunning and impressive monument to the next. It is an incredible city and when you are visiting Rome for the first time you will be amazed by how much there is to explore. From the Spanish steps to the world-famous Colosseum and Vatican City, this city simply has so much to offer. Of course, being an Italian city, the city is also a foodie’s heaven, from the best gelato to pizza and pasta, you might come back with a few extra kilos of ‘baggage’. Here’s my ultimate Rome travel guide for when you are visiting Rome for the first time! View Post
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