More and more women are choosing to explore the world solo. Traveling on your own can feel scary but it is definitely fun, and it helps you grow as a person. You will end up exploring new places, meet new people and make more friends. Often, we find ourselves craving an adventure, but our friends are too busy, they can’t take time off work, or they simply don’t have the budget to travel. This is why you should definitely consider traveling alone. One of the benefits of traveling alone is that you get to choose the places that you want to visit and explore. If you are thinking of traveling solo for the first time and you are not sure where you want to go, read on to find out more about various travel experiences. View Post


When you are traveling and exploring new places that you might not have the chance to visit again, you want to make sure that you document those experiences so that you can cherish them for a lifetime.   Not only do photographs help you remember the memories, they can also enhance your experiences.  When you are trying to snap a beautiful photo, you will notice that you are paying more attention to your surroundings and you are more aware of your subject.   Want the scoop on how Instagram influencers and bloggers take amazing photos during their trips? Here are some easy tips that will make the biggest difference! Whether you want to take better photos for your Instagram, become a better Instagram husband or simply want better photos to treasure these tips have you covered. View Post


The most common reason why people choose not to travel is because they think it can be very expensive. From flights to accommodation and food, there are lots of costs involved when traveling.  However, exploring new places doesn’t have to cost a fortune! With some tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can save money and travel more. Underneath are some of my simple tips and tricks that I use that allows me to travel as often as possible. View Post

Adventure Series #3 | The Great Adventure Bucket List

Everyone loves a great adventure and everyone (well at least I’m sure) would hope to lead an adventurous life full of wonder, adrenaline, and exploration of this incredible planet. So, if you ever find yourself daydreaming in the office of something more exciting or are looking to book an activity or trip and just can’t seem to find that hmmm that “thing” that you want to do, then this bucket list is for you! Heck! Who am I kidding it’s for everyone!! So go ahead start now! Start crossing off all those dreams and checking off all the adventures that you’ve only wished of going on! I dare you 😉 View Post

Global Food Bucket List

Food Ahh the essence of life or the essence of my life anyway haha, there is something so incredibly special about exploring the world and learning about different countries and cultures through food. A lot of what distinguishes a country is the food from France with their croissants and Italy with their Gelato to India with their incredible curries. I mean how boring would this world be without these incredible flavors and smells and the enjoyment that we all receive from tasting something foreign and exciting and new to our taste buds. So in today’s post, I thought I would share some of my top 20 foods from around the world (the must try’s), I would love to do every single country but that would take me waaaay too long lol and ain’t nobody got time for that! So grab yourself a tissue or a napkin or maybe a bib hahaha as I think today’s post is going to have you drooling. Warning – I haven’t chosen the classic well-known foods for each country, so don’t be alarmed if its something completely different to what you were thinking 😉 A global food bucket list oh yea! Here we go! In no particular order: View Post
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