Cremorne Point Walk | Stunning Sydney Harbour views

Cremorne Point Walk  | Stunning Sydney Harbour views

Cremorne Point is one of the loveliest of the harbor’s peninsulas, and the walk around its forested foreshore gives you some of the most amazing cities views there is.

Million-dollar mansions, green parks, stunning yachts, the chirping of birds….and hundreds of spiders. The only downside of this walk YUCK they were everywhere! But don’t let these creepy crawlers deter you from doing this walk!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen some of my pictures of this walk. I had such a blast and I loved taking pictures (so be prepared for quite a few lol) In this post I will show you all the amazing things you will encounter on this walk.


This pretty swanky harbor walk is only 3 kilometers long and the terrains is reasonably flat. You will encounter the beautiful blue ocean, a swimming pool, loads of birds, city views and the Australian dream eg. Amazing mansions (one can dream).

For me, it was easiest to start at Reid Park in Mosman, as a bus would pick me up from my front door and drop me off at that park (Winning) and I ended at Bogota Avenue at Cremorne Point about 1.30 hours later. Since I am a blogger and I have to capture everything I see it does take me a bit longer then a normal person would. I think this walk should take you about 1-hour max.

The path is pretty straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Lastly, there are some toilets located near the playground at Cremorne Point.


Cremorne is located 6 kilometers north of the Sydney central business district in the Lower North Shore. Underneath you can find how to get there:

By Car | Lots of street parking available in the northern part of Cremorne Point, such as Hodgson Avenue and Milson Road.

By Ferry | The ferry is the best way to get to Cremorne Point. It’s a short and scenic trip from Circular Quay to the other side of the Harbour. Take advantage of the $2.50 public transport cap on Sundays with your Opal Card.

By Bus | Various bus routes (numbers 180, 225) go from the city (Wynyard) to Cremorne Point.

If you are planning to use Sydney’s public transport, then check my extensive public transport post. It will show you how to use Sydney’s extensive public transport system, how to pay and more.

Cremorne point walk

Wanderer along the water and just follow the path that for the most part hugs the coastline. You pretty much can’t go wrong.  You might get distracted by loads of impressive and large spider webs with incredible large spiders in it! I don’t do spiders, so for some parts, I was a tad unconformable. But I messaged my friend and she said they were not poisonous (Pretty sure its a brown spider), so that was a bit of a relief. BUT I still have a bit of spider phobia, so I was not completely happy hahah

Stunning waterfront homes and breathtaking views 

This footpath is lined with large houses mostly built between 1910-1930. In its early days, the area attracted residents who favored more unique building styles that existed in Sydney at the time.

Some of these large homes have now converted to apartments. One can only dream of living in an area like this (Although, they would have to get rid of all those spiders if I wanted to live there haha)

It does feel grand and lovely wandering around here. At the end of the path, you end up at Cremorne Point. Take a left on the path to enjoy some stunning city views.

Follow the path all the way down and take some didge steps towards the Robertson’s Point Lighthouse. Here you have even a better view of the Sydney Harbour!

When I was here enjoying the views a summer storm hit Sydney, so I was not able to finish the walk (Uber was a lifesaver )

So, unfortunately, I missed the Maccallum Pool. This pool is originally a rock pool created by former Olympic swimmer Fred Lane the first version of the pool was built by local man Hugh MacCallum in the 1920s. These days there is no entry fee, and the pool is open most days except when being cleaned.  The North Sydney Council website lists the closing dates.

All in all this walk was lovely to do (besides the spider) and if you are looking for an easy harbour walk, then I would definitely recommend the Cremorne point walk.

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