Adventure series | Gallipoli steps to Spit Junction Reserve

Adventure series | Gallipoli steps to Spit Junction Reserve

I love a good secret location! Be it a beach, park, viewing spot or steps! Oh, talking about steps have you heard about the Gallipoli steps at spit junction? Ooops shhhhiiiizzz!! I guess the cats out of the bag now! Haha.

Recently a friend of mine who used to live in Sydney was here visiting family and needed a bit of a breakaway, so she told me about this really cool walk that has incredible views and some secret steps that really only the locals know about. Well not anymore haha! Situated in Sydney’s north shore this beautiful area has a great viewing platform of spit junction from the top of Seaforth and is where the Gallipoli steps begin. So if you are visiting Sydney and just want a bit of peace and quiet from it all, then make sure to take your camera and your sneakers and enjoy this beautiful little walking trip I have made out for you! Adventure time #2!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!


First things first you need to get yourself to the top of Seaforth – the easiest way is via the 144 or 143 manly bus, as this will drop you exactly where you need to go at the top of the battle bvld bus stop. On the bus journey there, you will already have seen some stunning and serene views of the beach and see plenty of rich bitch boats 😉 once your off the bus, you then follow the Battle bvld road, taking a sharp left and then another sharp left onto Edgecliff esplanade, which is exactly where you need to be! And you will know you on the right road, as the views will hit you harder than a lightning strike tehe! Sooooo beautiful! Take a moment, take a picture so you can take wit cha haha! And then pretty much follow along the road, until you see some steps that lead into bushland on your right-hand side.

All along the esplanade road, you will see absolutely SENSATIONAL! Views of spit junction as well, as seen below:


You then follow down the stairs – now be careful, they are VERY steep, I was actually shooketh to my core when I saw how steep, I mean dang! I have a bit of a secret fear of downhill slopes and steep stairs, so I had to take a little deep breath if I do say so! Haha There is also a lot of surrounding bushes and flowers and as it is Arcadia season at the minute – please be careful. Not wanting to scare you or anything but I saw a lot of buggies when I was there eeeeek. I also saw a couple of lizards, a snake and a mini waterfall nawwww! a bit of everything haha.. it was very hot the day I went, so I’m guessing the animals were treating the waterfall as their waterhole tehehe!

FUN FACT | The Gallipoli steps name – Gallipoli is a huge part of Australia’s (and the Anzacs) national identity as there was a very big battle in world war 1 where thousands upon thousands of Anzac(Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) men were killed and terribly wounded. To be honest it still brings a tear to my eye and having even the smallest memorials such as this, show our appreciation for all those that were lost. The Gallipoli steps have no kept records of when they were made, however, it is thought to be somewhere around the 1920s. They also use to be wooden and were replaced by steel stairs in the ’90s.


Once you have made it down the steep but incredible stairs, you then follow along the road, turn right and then follow the signs that point you to the spit to Manly walk. You will then have to go down another set of stairs – sigh, sigh but it is good for you! so just keep saying to yourself that by the end of this you will have a banging body! This will then lead you underneath the bridge which is pretty cool I admit and then onto the beautiful, peaceful, clear, shiny, water reserve, where you can rest your legs and relax for a moment! Ahhhhhh the serenity!

Once my friend and I arrived here we were able to just nicely chill and relax as there isn’t a lot of people around but enough so that it’s not creepy πŸ˜‰ We broke the rules and had a little swim Ooops! If you do the same, make sure to stay in the area where the water is clear and far from any of the boats. We also saw the bridge open! AHHHHHH was SAH COOL! and just had an overall bloody lovely time! If you can’t make it to the Gallipoli steps then I recommend even just visiting the spit bridge reserve as it still comes with some pretty impeccable surrounding views.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and all the pictures that I posted for you! Have you been here before? Do you think you will go or would you go if you could? let me know in the comments below, I would absolutely love to hear from you guys!

P.s psssssst! remember its a secret πŸ˜‰


Thank You Guys For Reading <3

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  1. Jenny
    November 2, 2020 / 5:23 pm

    Your article is lovely, however, a little misleading.
    Spit Junction is the group of shops in Mosman where Military Rd and Spit Rd meet.
    Your views are of ‘The Spit’. The reserve under the bridge is called Spit West Reserve. The bridge is called Spit Bridge 😊

  2. Helena Postma
    November 8, 2020 / 11:54 am

    Hello Manon,
    Sat 8 Nov 2020 we done Bondi to Manly walk and walked up the Gallipoli Steps at the Spit Junction. Amazing views at the top so much tranquility….Your blog is absolutely amazing and so much to learn about the hidden gems. Thank You so much.

    • bonditobasic
      November 9, 2020 / 9:10 am

      WOW that must have been a heck of a walk! Good on you for walking it! You must have been exhausted the day after!
      I am glad you like my blog! I appreciate the kind comment πŸ™‚ xx Manon

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