After being sick for almost two weeks – YAY stomach virus and then the flu – I was now finally feeling better and ready to go out and about. This was excellent timing since we were about to embark on a family holiday. We traveled to Hilvarenbeek in Brabant in the South of Holland for a week at a safari park.

Underneath you will find my week in photos. And I have some pretty snazzy pictures – if I say so myself haha – so check it out below and let me know in the comments if you like them as much as I do.


Our first full day on holidays, but unfortunately, the weather was pretty bad. So we stayed inside, played some board games and went for a swim. (No pictures cause no-one wants to see that)

Since we have a lake cabin we often have some nosy (or hungry) Geese over. Kiyan found these fascinating and spend some time talking to them. They are very friendly so we have no issues with them (Besides the poo that they leave behind everywhere, but ok)


Another day of shitty weather. So we repeated what we did the day before and spend it inside playing scrabble ( I lost, cause what words can you make with a Q….. I mean, come on?!?!)


Finally a sunny and beautiful day, so we spend the majority of the day at the safari park.

Safaripark Beekse Bergen is the largest wildlife zoo of the Benelux region and provides a home to approximately 1,250 animals from over 150 species, varying from small mammals to large birds. You can walk through the park, hop on a boat, take a bus or drive yourself through their enclosures. I will write an extensive post on this safari park and it will have it online in the coming weeks.

Underneath are just a few pictures.

In the afternoon we went home because the babies needed a nap. In the evening we went for a walk along the lake and river and ended up on a beautiful spot right when the sun was setting.

We took some stunning family photo’s. Underneath is Kiyan (2) enjoying the sunset.. Naawww gush!


My sister had an early morning because her babies were up at the crack of dawn. She took some stunning early morning pictures. Underneath is one of them.

Later in the morning, we went back to the safari park.

This time we choose to do the ‘Drive Safari’. Here they have several open fields with different animal species.
From Cheetas to Bisons and Giraffes. The animals are free to roam, so they can choose if they want to come up close to your car or not. You have to follow a certain route but you can stop wherever you like. Of course, you can’t get out of your car like some crazy people did a while back ( Seriously, some people *shaking my head*)

Again – I will go into more details in my upcoming post, focused on this safari park. 

We did get our car cleaned by one of the Giraffes, at the car wash woaaahhh oh yea at the giraffe wash yea! woo!(sing in your best Christina Aguilera voice hahaha)

We are not sure what she was doing, but we think we might have gotten some leaves or pine needles on our car that she liked. She licked our window and wipers for about 10 minutes until she moved on to the car behind us.

In the evening we went out for dinner in a restaurant with lake views. During the sunset, we had this STUNNING view. Not too shabby aye? (ps follow my Instagram whilst you are here for more wonderous pics, Thanks haha)


Our last full day at Beekse Bergen, so we took it slow. We went swimming and went out to dinner with the family in the evening. Because we have two young children, we were home just in time to see another amazing sunset.

No filter and taken with my iPhone. Not too shabby right?

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