Another week in the Netherlands that did not go completely to plan. On Friday I traveled to Rotterdam to see my sister and her family. She called us in advance that her baby was sick and that she was home with him, but we were already on the way so we trotted on. The first day everything was great and I had an amazing time. On Saturday, one after another person got SUPER sick, I won’t go into details (eeek nasty!), but it was not fun. Everyone went down except for my strong Mom (she’s amazing). We, therefore, all ended up in bed instead of going out and about. I was planning to take pictures in Rotterdam as well as Kinderdijk, but I don’t think this will happen now.

So that is why you are missing a few days and in my photo diary, but there is nothing I could do.


On Monday I felt a bit better but not well enough to meet up with friends and family. So I decided to blog a bit. I have written two posts that will go up on a Monday.  My normal blogging days are Wednesday and Fridays, these are reserved for proper travel posts. I have decided that sometimes on Monday I will post something about lifestyle, reviews or anything that is not really travel related.

Today I have written two posts:

  • The love bracelet dupe – I have purchased come bracelets that are dupes for the Cartier bracelet. I review them and tell you whether they are worth the money
  • What is in the Emirates business class amenities bag


Still not feeling the best today so another day at home. Luckily the weather was amazing so I spend the majority of the day in the garden reading a book.

Later on in the day I spend going over my dad’s hard drive. He has some amazing pictures from our holidays in Australia and India. I have taken tons of amazing pictures that I will use for some upcoming blog posts.

In the afternoon I was inspired and I wrote a post on Kangaroo Island. This one should be up later this week.


Still the same story, unfortunately, the recovery from this virus is extremely slow so I still had to stay at home all day. I am getting a tad annoyed now and want to go out and see and do stuff, but I just don’t have the energy to do anything. My appetite is coming back a little bit, so I guess that is a good sign.

I was promised good weather today but it was extremely windy so it was too cold to sit outside.

I wanted to blog but I was not really in a good mood and I was feeling a bit blue. I ended up only editing a few pictures for my India post.


Still sick. I am soooo over it by now. My plan was to go to Amsterdam for the day with a friend, but instead, I was at home pretty much all day.

I did go to Primark with my mom, but they already have winter clothing so that’s pointless going into Australian summer. So I only bought some basics.

I did finish a blog post, which will go up on Friday. This one is about Kerala (a state in India). It is beautiful there, so make sure to check out this post – Going up on Friday morning7 am.


Today is the first day of my holiday with my family. We traveled from Enschede to Beeksebergen (a 2-hour trip)

We will be staying in A safari park for the next week. We have booked two cabins, fully in safari style. Aint she cute.

We have pretty amazing lake views from our cabin.

My big little friend is also here all week. I can’t wait to spend time with him. Besides to our cabin, we have some massive funguses. We told him little hobgoblins live there and he was fascinated.

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