How to take great photos while traveling

When you are traveling and exploring new places that you might not have the chance to visit again, you want to make sure that you document those experiences so that you can cherish them for a lifetime.  

Not only do photographs help you remember the memories, they can also enhance your experiences.  When you are trying to snap a beautiful photo, you will notice that you are paying more attention to your surroundings and you are more aware of your subject.  

Want the scoop on how Instagram influencers and bloggers take amazing photos during their trips? Here are some easy tips that will make the biggest difference! Whether you want to take better photos for your Instagram, become a better Instagram husband or simply want better photos to treasure these tips have you covered.


How to take great photo's while traveling

The first thing to consider is the type of equipment that you will be using to take the photos.  With a (DSLR) camera, you can achieve a higher resolution and a greater quality image.  However, for most purposes, using your iPhone camera is the better option.  Whilst a camera can achieve higher resolution and better-quality images, they are not convenient to carry them around.

You can use an iPhone camera to achieve great images and they are incredibly convenient especially because are easy to carry around.  It’s also faster to take photos with a phone as you don’t need to change the settings.  

Unless you need high-resolution photos for your website or some other purposes, I would highly recommend taking photos with your phone.  


Research and find information about the places, landmarks, architecture or the landscape that you will be photographing.  The more familiar you are with the shapes and location of the subject, the better the outcome of the shoot.  This will not only help you take better photos, but it will also ensure that you are not missing out on seeing something incredible that’s located near your destination.

Another thing you should be aware of is that there are some destinations that you can’t photograph.  Make sure that you are permitted to take photos of the subject.

You should also check out blogs and Instagram accounts such as my blog and Instagram for inspiration.  This will help you determine what to shoot and how to photograph certain locations.  However, you should always think outside of the box.  Think of a unique perspective of the subject that you are photographing.


There is a reason why professional photographers emphasize on the importance of lighting when taking photos.  Lighting can make or break an image!  You might have the perfect subject and angle but if the lighting is wrong the photo won’t turn out great.  

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Research when the golden hour is at your destination for the best lighting. Sunrise and sunsets are also great times to take the photos.  This means you might have to wake up a little earlier or stay out a bit longer to take the perfect shot.  Not only will you take better photos, but you will also avoid the crowds and have better experiences.


Sometimes you can find yourself taking photos, but they just don’t seem to turn out right! Try and change the angle that you are taking the shots from.  Don’t be afraid to take a low or high angled photo, they usually show a unique perspective.


There is nothing worse than having the perfect shot but not being able to take it because your phone doesn’t have enough memory!  You have no idea how many times this has happened to me when I first started traveling. Free up as much space as you can before you go on your trip.

You should also consider purchasing an external battery, so you have extra hours of shooting.  When you are traveling, you are out all day exploring and might not get the chance to recharge your phone. This is why an external battery will come in handy.  Another tip is to switch to airplane mode when you can as this saves battery!


While it can be easier to photograph the location or landmark, be sure to capture photos with you in them as they make for better memories.  

It might seem awkward to pose in public but there will be other tourists doing the same thing and with practice, you will be more comfortable posing in public. If you are travelling alone, you should consider using a tripod or asking others to take photos of you. 

Don’t forget to take as many photos as possible. You can always go back and delete them if you don’t like all of them.

Remember like most things, travel photography takes time, effort and practice to be perfected.


How to take great photos while traveling


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