A road trip from Sydney to Jervis Bay National Park

Jervis Bay National Park

Jervis Bay National Park is the perfect place for a quick getaway when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney living. This stunning national park is located about a 3-hour drive from Sydney and offers not only the world’s whites beach but also whale watching and fishing opportunities and lots of Aboriginal heritage.

I hired a groovy campervan from Wicked Travel with my friend and headed off to this national park for a 3-day and 2-night trip.


Wicked has been a bit under scrutiny by the public for its sometimes vulgar and upsetting texts and graffiti on its campervans. When you order one, you can end up with anything and everything written on your van.

They are cheap (relatively) so we took a gamble when we got ours. I got a 2 seater campervan for 3 days for $ 225,-. This comes with a double bed, a small kitchenette in the back, a Gas Cooker with a pot and pan, Plates, Cups & Bowls, Ice Cooler for Beers & Food an external table and 2 chairs

Sydney to Jervis Bay

It is the cleanest campervan you will ever have! No
Is it cheap and handy for a quick getaway! Most definitely.

The text on our campervan was fine, actually, we got quite a cool one. We had a Charles Bukowski van with his face, some freelance drawings, and a quote. So YAY!

The biggest problem we had during the trip was that one of the chairs was broken. So we only had 1 chair to sit on at night during dinner etc. That was a bit of a pain, but for the rest it was ok and it served its purpose. I would definitely recommend hiring a small 2-seater campervan through them if you are happy to go back to the basics and are on a bit of a budget.


We opted to not go for the fastest route, but travel via the coastal road instead. This is a lovely way to start the trip in a relaxed way.

Our first stop was at Sublime Point Lookout. Sublime Point Lookout is about a 45-minute drive south of Sydney, on the way to Wollongong. Getting there is easy as there’s a big sign on the Princes Highway indicating the turn-off which takes you to the lookout. Sealed bitumen roads all the way there so no worries about gravel and punctured tires.

Sydney to Jervis Bay
Plenty of parking is available, as well as a cafe on site. You get stunning aerial views of the beautiful coastline beaches in the Illawarra from very high up. Makes for perfect photo opportunities and is perfect to have a quick coffee break.

We hopped back in the car and continued or way. Near Gerringong, we made another stop as the views here were simply breathtaking. Is was literally a picnic bench near the highway, so I can’t tell you where it was. But it was a lovely spot for us to just enjoy the scenery for a while.

The first night we booked Green Patch Campsite in section Y which is in the Booderee National park. It comes with freshwater, public toilet and showers, and sheltered Barbeques. Adjacent to it is a lovely secluded beach. 

Overnight was fine, except for a loudly snoring neighbor. I am super sound sensitive, so I heard everything. My friend was knocked out the entire night. Lucky…


After a quick breakfast of bacon and toast, we headed off to Cave beach.

The walk into Caves Beach is a bit of a climb and takes about 10 minutes. You do have some amazing views, so well worth it. The beach is beautiful and pristine and the tidal caves there are spectacular. While we were walking along the beach, a pair of whales were playing just offshore, which was amazing.

The cave is quite shallow but makes for good photo ops.

Next op was Hyams beach, about a 20-minute drive from Cave Beach. Hyams Beach is known as “The jewel of Jervis Bay”. The small and secluded village of Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay is renowned for its pristine, powdery white sand which is so fine it ‘squeaks’. It is even claimed to have the whitest sand in the world!

Hyams Beach, Australia

This beach was amazing. The sand is so soft and white the water so clear. It is something from a picture-perfect postcard.

We spend a couple of hours there but were unfortunately not able to swim in the crystal clear water due to a shark sighting. Some construction guys were fixing a room and started screaming SHARK! SHARK! so everyone bolted out of the water. You could see the sharks fin a couple of times before it disappeared, but I wasn’t going back into the water!

The second night we booked Green Patch Campsite in section D (Due to availability) It is a lot less fancy and even more back to basics. If available I would suggest booking section Y as it is heaps better.

We ended up driving back to Sydney in the morning without anything too exciting happening. If you are ever in Sydney and you would like to go on on short road trip, then I highly suggest heading out to Jervis Bay. In summer please check the availability of the campsite, because I know they get booked out throughout the summer. Another great option is heading to the blue mountains. I did a day road trip last summer, and thoroughly love every second of it.


Thank You Guys For Reading My road trip guide to Sydney to Jervis bay<3

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  1. July 31, 2019 / 2:56 pm

    Road trip are the best! Can’t believe that Sydney have so many beautiful view x
    Love your photography is pretty!!


  2. August 1, 2019 / 11:31 am

    It looks so nice and relaxing there! Super quiet! The camper van looks really cool. I love all the artwork in it!

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