Where to find Kangaroos in the Blue Mountains

Where to find Kangaroos in the Blue Mountains

You have hopped on a plane to Australia to see all the amazing sights that this country has to offer. You have been on the road for 2 weeks and you ended up in Sydney to spend your last couple of days in this pretty amazing city. BUT… You haven’t seen any kangaroos!

This happened to a friend of mine who had flown all the way from the Netherlands to spend Christmas and new years in Australia.

I wanted to make sure that they did not leave Australia without having seen the local wildlife, so I asked around and was told about this amazing place.

We took our chances, hopped in our rental and drove up to Glenbrook National Park. Here is what happened next.


One of the easiest locations to see kangaroos in the Blue Mountains is at Eureka campground in Glenbrook National Park. This national park is located just outside of Glenbrook, one of the first towns in the blue mountains. It is only a 20-minute detour from the main road, so totally doable. You will definitely do need a car, so if you are traveling up to the mountains by train, then I advise you not to go to this location.

Glenbrook itself is a lovely town, home to some excellent little quaint cafes for a quick snack and coffee break.

Kangaroos in the blue mountains. Eureka clearing

The drive to the campground was not too difficult, but there are some unpaved roads. So keep that in mind. But since it is a road to a reasonably popular campground, the roads are fairly well maintained. We had a little rental car, and it managed just fine.

A park entry fee of $8 per vehicle applies when entering the National Park. However, when we got there the booths were closed but the gates where open, so we just kept going. If you come earlier in the day you might have to pay. Additionally, the park closes at 7 pm, so make sure you get there on time.

Getting to the campground  | Directions

Underneath some simple instructions on how to get to the campground:

  • Take the Great Western Highway to Glenbrook
  • Turn off at Ross Street, opposite Glenbrook Oval and follow it to the end
  • Turn left into Burfitt Parade, which becomes Bruce Road
  • Continue driving 4.2km past the park entry gates, following signs for Euroka campground


The campground is surrounded by virtually untouched eucalypt forest and is, therefore, home to lots of Australian wildlife.

The best time to go is early in the morning or a bit later in the evening when the animals are more active. We arrive at the ground at 6 pm and found lots of activity. Some eastern Grey Kangaroo’s where grazing the fields, kookaburras where laughing their heads off, cockatoos where enjoying dinner and a family of ducks were wandering around the grounds.

Evenings at Euroka are dominated by the comings and goings of Laughing Kookaburras. Largest members of the Kingfisher family, these birds prey on snakes, lizards and small birds and mammals. They are bold, loud and brazen birds. These little birds are not scared of you so you can get up pretty close to take pictures.

A bit further from the street was a large flock of Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos. They are feeding, fooling around and screaming just for the heck of it. They are also not too scared of humans, I think they are used to them being around at the campground, so you can also get reasonably close to them.

kangaroos in the wild

On the campground there where two groups of roos chilling and eating. They were very easy to spot and in large numbers. So it is definitely worth a trip to the campground if you really want to see wild kangaroos when in Sydney.

A joey… How you doing’

Honestly, these kangaroos where super chill and were just enjoying their day. You can just enjoy them from a distance and they are happy to do their thing. If you are just calm and reasonably quiet, they will just keep on doing what they are doing. My advice is just to stay away from the joey’s, to not make mom mad. As well as try not to get between a large male and his girls.

Additional places to spot Kangaroos in the blue mountains

If you want to dive into the Mountains a bit further (as you should, they are amazing) Then I have a couple of more options for you:

  • Jenolan Caves Cottages | 8 self-contained cottages run by the Jenolan caves.  Kangaroos can always be seen grazing around these quiet cottages. Perfect if you want to spend a couple of nights in the mountain surround by Aussie wildlife.
  • Lithgow | Driving into Lithgow, before you get to the town, check out the hill behind the Graveyard on the right near the Donnybrook Hotel. Often Roos are spotted here in the evenings as they come out from the tree line to graze.
  • Golf Courses | Roos love golf courses. so when desperate for an encounter you can check out some golf courses in the Blue Mountains. A couple of good options are the Leura Golf Club, Blackheath Golf Club, and the Wentworth Falls Country Club.

Lastly, although it is not in the wild, you can head to Featherdal Wildlife Park in Blacktown. If you still haven’t spotted them.  You can feed them here and get an up-close experience.

So if you are looking to see kangaroos in the Blue Mountains, then Glenbrook is a great place to find them. What do you think of these cuties? Let me know in the comments below.



where to find Kangaroos in the blue mountains

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