Wandering The Streets of Kirribilli

Wandering The Streets of Kirribilli

Kirribilli is located just across from the Sydney Harbor Bridge and is one of the city’s most established and affluent neighbourhoods in Sydney. It has some stunning heritage buildings, amazing parks but most of all, it has some of the best Sydney skyline views there is.

I wandered the streets of Kirribilli on a sunny Sunday afternoon and in this post, I will show you the best spots to go to.


This street is famous for being one of the most popular vantage points in Sydney. It is also a hot spot for Instagram pictures – Of course, I had to join the hype and take some Insta pics myself.

The vicinity of Jeffrey Street is reported to be the site of the first European settlement on the Lower North Shore of Sydney Harbour. This happened about 10 years after the colonization of Australia at Sydney Cove in 1788. It is, therefore, home to 19 heritage-listed properties.


A real hidden spot in Kirribilli. When the sun is out, it really highlights the nearby flowers and harbour. You can just sit down, enjoy the view and unwind.

Make sure you’re going when the tide is lower so that you can enjoy the view from the rocks at the very bottom of the lookout.

TOP TIP: For photographers, If you get there for sunrise you can get a spectacular sunrise shot, that hasn’t been done to death like every other vantage point in Sydney.


Admiralty House is the official residence of the Governor-General of Australia. It is unfortunately not open to the public but if you are curious where Harry and Meghan stayed during their trip to Sydney, or you actually care about Australian politics then wander over to Admiralty House.

Be aware – There are lots of cameras and police everywhere, so you are being watched… Which makes sense. But, act normal.

As you can see from these pictures there is not a whole lot that you can see from the street.

But I have been called a chicken before this week, so I must confess – I did not want to take a picture up close, cause I didn’t want to get into trouble hahaha. I think you can, it is just weird with so many security cameras and police around. So I VERY quickly took this picture, as you can probably see.

But if you are curious then you should wander over yourself to have a better look…


If you are after stunning views without a million other tourists around and you are in Kirribilli, then I suggest heading to Jeffrey Street Wharf. Walk all the way down to the actual Wharf and enjoy some of the most stunning city views you’ll ever encounter. You are located right across from the Opera house, with the bustling harbour between you and it.

You can spend hours just looking at boats sailing by or just stare at the stunning skyline. Sydney is truly unique and such a stunning place to visit.


This is an absolutely gorgeous secluded park which offers stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. It is easily accessible by walking on Dr. Mary Booth Reserve Foreshore Walkway.

It is a perfect spot for a picnic with friends and family whilst gobbling up some of the best city views you’ll ever see.

A lot of tourists don’t wander this far (Even though it is not that far from Milsons Point) so it is very nice and quiet, so you can enjoy yourself a bit more without having to fight for a top spot with hundreds of other tourists.

At night the reserve offers some pretty amazing views as well. So if you have time, check out Kirribilli at night. It is truly worth it.


  • Wander over the harbour bridgeMake your way back towards the CBD by wandering over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It offers stunning harbour views and amazing picture opportunity of Sydney CBD and the opera house.
  • Kirribilli Markets – Make sure you pick a weekend when the markets are on. They take place every other Saturday or Sunday and sell everything from crafts to pre-loved fashion. It’s located right underneath the bridge.  It’s a great market for picking up gifts to send home and a few new clothes as well.
  • Check out Wendy’s Secret Garden (Milsons point)-  There’s a beautiful walk right on the harbour which will take you round to Luna Park. If you keep on walking, turn right up some stairs you’ll find Wendy’s Secret Garden. This garden is absolutely amazing and a proper secret gem in the area. (the number of locals that have never heard of this garden is surprising, it truly is a secret)
  • Luna Park (Milsons Point) – Last but not least it would be a crime to write a post about Kirribilli and not include Luna Park! Australia’s iconic fun fair sits right on the harbour. Make sure you take a ride on the big wheel for fantastic views of the Harbour.


  • Cool Mac – They have interesting brunch options that are very pleasing to the eye. Friendly staff, the menu is Japanese influenced, Yaco San is a great dish to have or the mushrooms but all the dishes on the menu are pretty good. I have been here a few times and always left with a happy and full stomach.  (Average cost is $20 per person)
  • Kirribilli Club –  This must be Sydney’s poshest RSL (I’ve been told this by many Australians) which sits right on Sydney harbour back from Luna Park. With a balcony showcasing the best views in Sydney, the Kirribilli Club is a must-visit. The food is top-notch and is reasonably priced as well (average $25 per main meal).
  • La Capannina –  La Capannina is an amazing, authentic Italian restaurant run by an Italian family. Situated right by the Harbour Bridge, the location doesn’t get much better. The food, on the other hand, is out of this world! The pasta is homemade and you can tell because it’s incredible. Mains start from $30.
  • Stir Crazy Thai – You’ll notice there are at least 3 Thai restaurants all within a minute’s walk of Milson’s Point Train Station. The question is; which one is the best? In my humble opinion Stir Crazy Thai is cheap, has delicious food and it is BYO. Winning…
  • The Deck – The Deck is a great restaurant to sit and have lunch/dinner or you can always go to the bar and order a dessert and take in the fabulous views of Sydney as it’s located right on Sydney harbour in front of Luna Park. It can get very busy here.
  • Small Bar and Kitchen – Small Bar And Kitchen is a great little place which is quite new to Kirribilli. The beauty about this place is it’s an all-rounder – perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks.


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