Every year for my birthday I go on a mini holiday, my holiday last year was very interesting as I ended up in the hospital. So this year I decided to stay a little closer to home and go to Airlie beach the gateway to the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef.

I was also here in 2017 after I became a hotel manager for a quick break and I absolutely loved it. So, I thought I would come back for round two. 

Underneath is a bit of a photo diary of my holiday. I hope you enjoy. 


When booking my flights I found a cheap one for only $81,-.  The downside of this ticket was that it departed at 9 am. Meaning boarding at 8.30 and having to be at the airport before 8 am. 

That meant that I had to get up at 7 am. For the people that don’t know me: Hello my name is Manon and I am not a morning person.  

What I am is quick. So I got my bags packed, my clothing laid out and breakfast ready to go the night before, so I could sleep as long as possible. 

So 7 am went my alarm, at 7.10am I was ready and at 7.15 I was in an uber on my way to the airport. 7.40 am at the airport and through security at 8 am. Perfect.


The way up to Airlie I used TigerAir. A cheap budget airline. So unfortunately cramped seats, no TV or food or anything. Luck for me the high season in Australia is over, so I had the whole row to myself. Otherwise, it would have been a miserable flight as the lady in front of me put her seat back the second we were in the air, leaving me with literally no space to move. But because the other seats where available I was able to be reasonably comfortable and snoozed for pretty much 95% of the flight.  

Arrived well on time, took a shuttle bus to my hotel, did some food shopping and chilled and blogged a bit in my apartment for the rest of the day. Ready for the holiday to begin. 


Another chill day. Hey, it’s my holiday, I do what I want haha. Unfortunately, I had some rowdy neighbors and I was woken up several times throughout the night. At about 9 am I got breakfast and enjoyed the sunshine on my lovely balcony.

Not too shabby if I say to myself. (I am talking about the view, not my legs hahah)

After that, I went to the local lagoon, about a 15-minute walk from my hotel. This is a free swimming pool as you can’t swim in the ocean due to jellies. The pool is lovely and very well maintained. And since it is low season, it was pretty quiet, even on a Sunday afternoon. The majority of the people there where backpackers doing their thing and locals with young children.

In the evening I went for dinner and attempted to do some sunset photography. I am saying attempted, cause the pictures didn’t turn out too great.  In the evening I watched The Avengers Endgame (Such a good movie) and attempted (See motivation below) to do some astrophotography.

I was super cold in the evening as I was a tad sunburned. Whoops.


In the morning I immediately looked at some cruises to either the Great Barrier Reef or the Whitsundays. I ended up booking a full day tour to the great barrier reef with snorkeling included. I don’t think I will come back here, so I have to see the reef whilst it’s still alive.

I ended up booking the Great Barrier reef Adventure.

I don’t have a GoPro myself so in the afternoon I went out and tried to hire one. Unfortunately, it was a public holiday and most of the shops where closed. Including the camera shop which rents out GoPro’s. Now, this was a problem, but a bigger problem was that I did not have food. Not for today and not for tomorrow. I was planning on doing a big shop on the day to get ready for the coming days, but that didn’t plan out. I walked around for a long time and luckily found a small corner shop that was open. I got a chicken roll, some soda and some chips to help me survived the next few days.

I contacted the cruise company and luckily, they rent out GoPro’s on the boat as well. It is a tad more expensive then it would have been if I rented one in Airlie, but I definitely needed one, so that was sorted.

I was a tad ‘stress city’ so for the rest of the day I chilled at the swimming pool and on my balcony. Tough life, I know.


I was expected at 7.30 am at the Port of Airlie. The port is literally located across from the hotel at a 5-minute walk. Again, I do not like mornings, so I got up at 7 am and started heading down to the Port at 7.15 am.

Made it down it time to spare so I nibbled on some bread before boarding.

An extensive post on my entire day is online. CLICK HERE.

It was a truly amazing day and swimming at the Great Barrier Reef is such a cool bucket list item that I can now cross off.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia Great Barrier Reef, Australia Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaCruise Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef Adventure

We arrived back at the port at 6 pm. In the evening I FaceTimed with my 2 adorable nephews. The oldest was pretty worried about the fishes (He had just seen Nemo) so I had to explain that I didn’t take any with me (Like the dentist did) and that they all had a place to sleep at night.

After that, I passed out at 9 pm because I am old.


Airlie Beach Travel Guide

It was a pretty cloudy day in the morning, so it started off pretty chillaxed. I still did not have any food so I first had to go into town and buy food for the day.

During lunch, I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, but that one was pretty disappointing.  Only two episodes to go, so hopefully, they will be a bit better.

In the afternoon I went souvenir and clothing shopping and wandered around the town for a bit. In the evening I went out for dinner at ‘The Pub’ at Airlie Beach Hotel.

After dinner, I wandered around Boat Haven and took a couple of night pictures there.


Checking out at 10 am to get the 10.05 am airport shuttle to the airport. Flying to Brisbane with a 1-hour layover and arriving into Sydney at 16.40. Was home at 18.00pm and started work at 18.15 pm till 21.00 pm. Not the ideal way to spend my birthday, but this was the only way I could go on my mini break.

Brisbane seen from plane

I was lucky that landing into Sydney I just arrived during sunset. We flew over the harbor with views of the harbor bridge and the Opera House. I snapped so many pictures haha. My window was pretty scratched, so they didn’t turn out too great, but then again…. They are still pretty cool.

Sydney Harbour Seen from plane

I have written a couple of posts about this holiday and it would mean a lot if you were to check them out 😉

Thank You Guys For Reading <3 

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