Apparently to get to know the blogger I should tell you my bucket list.  After thinking about it for a while I decided that it is probably a cool thing to write down anyways, so fasten your seatbelt cause here comes a looong list. 


  1. Be happy 
  2. Find my career path 
  3. Love my job
  4. Find a group of friends that will have my back no matter what 
  5. Get my IBS under control 
  6. Adopt a dog 
  7. Skydive
    haha kopie
  8. Learn to love eating 
  9. Learn to cook properly 
  10. Buy a house 
  11. Laugh until I cry 
  12. Buy a car
  13. Say “yes” to a proposal (get engaged)
  14. Pay it forward
  15. Get Lasik eye surgery ( I’m very blind) 
  16. Be comfortable in  my own skin



I want to visit as much of the world as possible. Here is a list of countries I have seen so far. 

In the ‘near’ further I would like to: 

  1. Snorkel/Dive at the Great Barrier Reef 
    Great Barrier Reef, Australia Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  2. Go to Japan 
  3. Go to New Zeland 
  4. Swim with whale sharks 
  5. Go to Ubud in Bali, Indonesia 
  6. Go on a safari in Africa 
  7. Visit the jungle in South America 
  8. Drive route 66 
  9. Gable in Las Vegas
  10. Climb/walk to Mount Everest base camp 
  11. Camp underneath the stars
  12. See The Northern Lights
  13. Take a husky safari 
  14. Visit New York 


  1. Try yoga
  2. Go to a spin class
  3. Run/walk a 5K
  4. Go to the gym consistently for a semester
  5. Go to the gym consistently for a year
  6. Drink more water! At least 8 glasses/day consistently
  7. Meditate


  1. Save enough money to never have to worry about money anymore ( I don’t mean for the rest of my life, but for a few months in case I would lose my job eg.) 
  2. Keep track of my budget and savings 
  3. Be entirely self-sufficient
  4. Invest in some stocks 
  5. Donate $500 to a charity I truly care about
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