Your ultimate Sydney travel itinerary | 6 perfect days in Sydney

Sydney Travel Itinerary

Sydney is by far the most amazing city I have ever lived in. Whenever I have time I love to go out and explore new things each time. Incredible coastal walks, hidden little beaches, UNESCO WORLD heritage sites and some of the most amazing sunsets you will ever encounter.

Six days in Sydney is definitely not enough to see everything this amazing metropolis has to offer – but it’s a great start.  A lot of travelers start out in Sydney and then travel up the coast, so they have limited time to see everything.

I have therefore written this all-comprehensive 6-day Sydney travel itinerary (Including one day to the Blue Mountains and Jervis Bay National Park) to give you the best Sydney has got to offer. I will go over all of your best options for things to do, places to visit, and lots of helpful Sydney travel tips.

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Sydney’s unique wildlife | Where to see wildlife in sydney

wildlife in sydney

If you are not from Australia nor if you have ever been here, you might be under the impression that kangaroos are hopping along the street of Sydney on a daily basis. Whilst yes, every now and then one gets lots, it doesn’t happen often, and it is an occurrence that ‘stops the nation’. (When it happens to Sydney CBD)

There are however lots of unique and beautiful creatures that you can bump into on a daily basis in the city. From beautiful cockatoos to parakeets and massive spiders. I, therefore, made a comprehensive list of all the amazing you could see in Sydney.

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Pig Island in the Bahama's

If you are a travel blogger, lifestyle blogger, an Instagram influencer, vlogger or travel fanatic you must have seen those amazing photos of people swimming and chilling with pigs on a tropical island. I know I have seen many of those, wishing I was there. Some travel friends of him have been traveling the world lately and were incredibly lucky to have actually done this and were too kind to help me compile this post for you guys.

So if you are wanting to go swim with these adorable piggy’s then read on. I will show you where to go, what to do and which is the best spot to go to.

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Watson bay to rose bay walk | incredible coastal walk

watson bay to rose bay walk

If you have been following this blog for a while, then you know that I love nothing better then strapping on my walking boots and do a coastal walk during my days off. After living in Sydney for many years now, you’d think I had done them all, but the other week, I did the Watson Bay to Rose Bay walk for the first time – say what now!

If you like a relatively easy walk, filled with amazing secluded beaches, and ridiculously beautiful city and harbor views, then I think you will like this walk as well.

Follow me along this 8K walk and see some of Sydney’s best sights during the Watson Bay to Rose Bay walk.

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Complete guide to travel photography

I have been getting some questions on my Social Media (Instagram and Twitter) about the photography tools that I use, love and recommend. I thought I would write a quick post for you guys to that you can have a complete list of all the photography equipment I use to shoot, edit and process photos for my blog and social media accounts.

If you are looking to invest in the right equipment for taking photos for your blog, here’s a round-up of everything you would need. (In my humble opinion) 

Hope you’ll find this useful!

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