Palm Beach And Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

Palm beach and the Barrenjoey lighthouse walk

Palm Beach is the place where some of Sydney’s wealthiest and most famous people escape on their holidays. It’s isolated, tranquil, charming and absolutely beautiful. In Palmy you could walk right by someone like Mick Jagger and not even know it. Celebrities such as Kelly Slater, Guy Sebastian, and Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban also regularly visit Palm Beach during summer.

Palm Beach is located 41 kilometers north of the Sydney CBD and is home to one of Australia’s most famous tv shows, Home and Away. The golden sands of Palm Beach curve 2.3km, from Little Head to Barrenjoey Point and is an excellent place to surf. You can also follow a trail to heritage-listed Barrenjoey Lighthouse which also offers splendid views of the coast, Pittwater and Kur-ring-gai Chase National Park.

In this post, I will show you these amazing sights and why you should take the plunge and get over to Palm Beach as soon as possible.


Palm Beach, Sydney

The golden sand of Palm Beach stretches for more than 2 kilometers and the colors in the water move between spectacular shades of turquoise and aqua. Simply stunning.

At the southern end of Palmy is a more protected environment for swimming and a rock pool for those who want to swim laps or play with their kids in calm waters. Since it is still winter (even though it was 21 degrees on the day that I went) it was very quiet at the beach and you can just feel the daily grind melt away.

There are two toilets on this beach. One at the northern end and one at the southern end, so no need to worry… they’ll be no pooping in the bushes at this beautiful beach.

Palm Beach, Sydney


Palm Beach, Sydney

Governor Philip Park runs the length of the Peninsula at Palm Beach. It’s been re-developed a few years back and it shows.

There are numerous picnic benches and electric BBQ’s all the way along the driveway at the Pittwater side of the beach next to Palm Beach Golf Club.

Toilets are located next to the Surf Life Saving Club on the ocean side of the Peninsula is open dawn to dusk.

There is a new playground with 2 climbing nets, some cool boats to climb around in and some rocks to get your rock-n-roll on – all very tastefully done in a way that makes the playground not quite so garish on the eye. There’s an awesome covered BBQ area that will prove to be very popular with kids parties no doubt. A lovely spot for a gathering.


The Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk is a very popular hiking trail in Barrenjoey Headland, the most northern part of Palm Beach.

There are two walking tracks leading all the way up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse on the top of the hill from where you can enjoy stunning ocean views.

Barrenjoey lighthouse, Palm Beach Sydney

The lighthouse is a famous building that is shown a lot on the show Home and Away.

From the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, you can enjoy exquisite views over Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (west), Broken Bay (north) and the coastline north of Sydney (east).

Palm beach and Pittwater beach

As you walk up the steep hill towards the lighthouse, the views will get better with each step you take. There are actually two routes that you can take. The Smugglers Track and the Access Trail. If you want my advice (even if you don’t I’m gonna tell you anyway) take the access trail up and the smugglers track down. The access trail is twice as long but it a whole lot easier, although it still has some vertical parts (I thought they were vertical, they might have been just very steep)

The top of the hill is also a great location for a picnic with million-dollar views. Which is what I did, it totally wasn’t to catch my breath or anything.

On your way back take the smugglers track, despite being the shorter one, is the most challenging of the two tracks. It’s a fairly steep, 400 meters long walking trail (grade 3) straight down to the bottom of the hill. It is pretty much all steps, but it feels like you are in a cross-country when wandering down. Make sure you were comfortable and stable shoes, so no Birkenstocks like I did.


Home and Away the boathouse

If you’re an avid Home and Away fan, you can easily pick out the places where the show is filmed: the beach, the surf club, and the diner, which in real life is called The Boathouse and is always busy.

You may even arrive on a day when they are filming, which is usually Monday through Friday. I was there on a Friday but they were not filming. So you need father luck on your side if you are wanting to see them.

If you are a massive fan, then consider doing the home and away tour. The tour allows fans from all over the world to connect with their favorite show and experience the iconic outdoor locations featured in the hit TV program.


Palm Beach is the furthest point north of Sydney.

To get there from the city, you will have to drive or catch L90 bus from Wynyard Station. It is a 1 hour and 45-minute bus drive to bring some music or a podcast with you. Also for people who get motion sick, towards the end, the route gets pretty narrow and windy so I got a bit queasy. Maybe pop a pill if you get motion sick quickly. You don’t want your day ruined.


There are only a few cafes on the Palm Beachside and a couple of more options at the Palm Beach Village where the ferry wharf is. You have to be careful and do some research cause some restaurant are pretty expensive, so check the menu before you wander in.

The greedy goat is my favorite restaurant in Palm Beach.

If you want something flashy, Jonah’s is said to be one of the best dining experiences in Sydney. And of course the Boat House for your home and away experience.

For some more suggestions on where to eat click here. 


For apartments, cottages and fully furnished houses check out Stayz or Airbnb also has a few properties

It is not a cheap place to stay, so keep that in mind.

Would you do check out Palm beach and do the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk? let me know in the comments below. 


Palm beach and the Barrenjoey lighthouse walk

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