The last week of my holidays *snif*snif*. Time has gone by so incredibly quickly. I had lots of plans and was supposed to go see so many people and go to lots of places, but a virus and the flu stopped me from doing pretty much everything that I had set out to do.

The entire week I felt extremely rushed, so I could not really enjoy everything, which is a shame.

Underneath you can find a photo diary of my last few days in the Netherlands and my flights back to Sydney. (Back to working 9-5 behind a desk Yay haha)


On the weekend I went to the casino with my parents and uncle. We had a great time but I didn’t want to take pictures. We ended up leaving the casino with more money then we came in with, so winning.

On Sunday I went to support my football team, FC Twente. They played against young PSV in the second league. Always when I am home I try to go to one match. This time I went with my dad, who is an avid Twente fan.

I have also set up an Instagram account for my blog. I thought it was easier than constantly posting pictures on my personal account. I would love for you to follow me. *Pretty Please* Thank you…


I was home alone as my parents went to work today. I was up at 8 am (WHYYYYY) so I decided to make it a useful blogging day. The weather was depressing (hello Fall)  and I was grumpy so what else was I supposed to do.

I ended up editing some posts, working on my Pinterest account and finished up some blog posts. Time flew by and I wish I had a few more hours to keep going but at 6 pm my parents where home and I finished up for the day.

I did get a lovely parcel from my sister from H&M with some summer basics. I have the best sister eva.

I am not a fashion blogger so I have no idea how to take a decent picture of the clothing that I got. I now have a whole new appreciation for fashion bloggers *Ladies I salute you*


Days where I did some packing up, buying some last things, going into the city and meeting up with some friends and family. In other words, getting ready to fly back to Sydney.

I did shop at Primark and got some make-up and make-up remover and brushes. Curious about the quality of these products. Hope that they will stack up. It was some sort of German Holiday and it was soooo incredibly busy that I did not last long in Primark. Boy does it get busy in that shop, unbelievable.

I finished up my city guide to Rotterdam with the help of my sister. She lived in that city for 10 years and knows the ins and outs of Rotterdam. It is a great post and will go up on Wednesday at 7 am..


Packing up the last few things in the morning and in the afternoon I was off to Dusseldorf. It is about a 2-hour drive to the airport, but because it is on the German Autobahn it goes quite quickly. There were some major traffic jams, but luckily they were all in the other direction *pff lucky us*.

We arrived at the airport about 1 hour too early to check in, so we grabbed a bit to eat and chilled in one of the many restaurants. I realized that I had forgotten to bring my earbuds *Noooooo* so we had to buy some new ones so I could listen to some podcasts during my flight.

I ended up spending about 1.30 hours at the Emirates lounge in Dusseldorf airport. I mostly just got a few drinks and a lot of cheese. Their cheese selection is soooo good.

The first flight was Dusseldorf to Dubai and took 6h 24 minutes. As you might know, I traveled in Business class this time, and in my section there where only 4 people. You could say it was a very quiet flight.

I then had a 4h 35 minutes layover in Dubai, which I spend in the Emirates lounge. I had a quick shower and then found a quiet spot somewhere to chill, eat cake and watch some YouTube.

At 9.45am I boarded my last Emirates flight to Sydney, which took 13h 50 minutes. This flight was fully booked, but it was still pretty enjoyable. I tried to sleep and I thought I managed to sleep for 8 hours, but to my disbelieve I only did 2 haha. I watched Incredibles 2 and quite a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory before I had enough.

The weekend I was just too jet lagged to go out and do anything. I am trying to get into the right rhythm asap as I start work on Monday. Luckily I have an amazing receptionist who is going to cover me for a few hours on Monday morning so I get to sleep in. But from Tuesday I will be back at work……

This will be the last photo diary for now, since I will be going back to work and will just sit behind a desk for many many hours a day. I don’t think I could make that an interesting diary.

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