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I have been getting some questions on my Social Media (Instagram and Twitter) about the photography tools that I use, love and recommend. I thought I would write a quick post for you guys to that you can have a complete list of all the photography equipment I use to shoot, edit and process photos for my blog and social media accounts.

If you are looking to invest in the right equipment for taking photos for your blog, here’s a round-up of everything you would need. (In my humble opinion) 

Hope you’ll find this useful!

Before I start, I wanted to let you know that I do not have any affiliate links. commission or anything. So, the links that are in this post are direct to the suppliers and I do not make ANY money from it. I truly like these products and use them on a daily/weekly basis. 



I have been using this camera for a couple of years now (9 or so) and I absolutely love it. It is not too complicated, and the options are limitless. 

It takes amazingly sharp pictures without needing a photography course. Click 100 times and you should get a pretty shot for your blog, Insta or whatever you need it for. Since it is an older model it is no longer super expensive. Although it is still a DSLR camera so it is not super cheap either. 

For the nerdy information check out Canon’s website. 


I don’t always feel like carrying around my DSLR camera. Or sometimes I do have it on me, but I feel embarrassed to grab it. (You’d think I would be used to being a blogger about now, but nope) So something its less conspicuous to just take a snap with my iPhone. 

You can defiantly see a difference in quality but when you need a picture for Instagram or Twitter, I don’t see a reason not to use your mobile for that. 

I do feel that if you want to take blogging pictures, then you should use a better-quality camera. Especially when using large images like me, viewers can definitely see a difference in quality. 

The iPhone XR takes pretty good pictures, like the one shown below.


I love camera lenses….people (Hi Dad! haha) say I have an issue lol
But I just love getting different lenses for different uses. (I think once you start getting serious about blogging and photography, it comes naturally)

As of today, I have the following selection of lenses:  

Canon EFS 18-55 mm:

This is your standard, versatile perfect for everyday use lens. I would recommend this lens to any beginner photographers because it is quite easy and straight forward to use and also comes with an inbuilt optical image stabilizer, great for those without a tripod, photographing moving objects or for those with general shaky hands tehe. It is also very light so great for those who are traveling or for those who just don’t want the heaviness.

Cons | The stabilizer can make quite the difference in a low light setting so you will have to play with your camera settings quite a lot and the lightness of the lens obviously doesn’t give it the best durability.

Samyang 2.8 /14 mm:

A basic wide-angle lens if you wish to try out this non-standard lens. I mainly use it for landscape photography, to capture those big open spaces. The lens is not super easy to use and does require a bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, it can capture stunning photo’s.

Cons | Wide-angle lenses are only suitable for certain types of photography, landscape, street, etc you do have to be careful when using a wide-angle lens because the images have a higher chance of getting distorted plus the aperture (brightness control) is a lot smaller than your prime lenses.

Tamron AF 18-200 mm:

Handy super-zoom lens for photographers on a budget. You won’t get Canon quality but you are paying anything but Canon prices for this lens. Its easy to work with and has auto functions.  I find it ideal for ‘zoom’ situations like when at the zoo, or want up close to certain objects.

Cons | The images will look just fine unless you like to print large or scrutinize them for pixel-level detail.


Neewer Portable 142 cm Tripod | There will be times when you need to mount the camera on a tripod in order to take photos from certain angles and frames or when doing night photography. Ever since I got this tripod I have been using very frequently.

It is not a huge investment and it can be very handy.

The one that I got is from AliExpress and comes with a carrying bag. The tripod is very light, so it’s reasonably easy to carry around with you.

San Disk SD Card | When shooting on a DSLR, the sizes of photos can be really large, especially when shooting in RAW format. You don’t want to keep running into the memory full error, that’s just annoying and a waste of time.

I find it really handy to use large size memory cards (64 GB plus) while shooting photos.


Basics Camera Remote | With a remote, not only can you be your own photographer, but you can also avoid the slight shake/blur that can be caused by your hand while clicking a photo.

It is still on my to-buy list, but they are actually not that expensive. I have seen some on Amazone from $8,-

Drone | Definitely high on the bucket list of items to get. But the places you can fly them are quite limited and a good drone (Like DJI) are a bit of an investment. I am going on holidays with my parents in September, so if I get one, it will be before then.


Once I have snapped a photo it is time to edit it. Even with an expensive camera a bit of editing is still required. Up until May 2019, I was only using Apple’s editing software. So, whatever comes with your standard Apple phone is what I used to edit my pictures.  The 2 main features that I used was Lighting (highlight and brilliance) and Colour (Saturation). 

In May 2019 I installed the app Lightroom (Free) and it has upped my editing game! I absolutely recommend installing this app. 

There are some amazing pre-sets that you can buy. I would recommend The Blond Abroad. I am using her preset for the mobile app, which is roughly $50 USD. You’ll get 6 presents in different tones. 

This was just a quick extra ‘non-standard’ post as I got a couple of questions. I hope you found it useful.

What are your favorite photography tools? How do you take photos for your blog?
let me know in the comments below. 



Photograpy equipment for travel bloggers

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    • bonditobasic
      September 14, 2019 / 11:02 am

      Thank you Sammy 😊
      It has taken me years to get to this stage. Slowly but surely adding on to it.
      I have never used a Nikon camera tbh, I love my Canon, easy to use and takes amazing pics xxx

  1. July 20, 2021 / 10:00 pm

    Mindblowing guides. I think it’s time to upgrade my old iPhone into XR. Thanks for sharing this amazing guide with us:)


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