Review | Cartier Love Bracelets Dupes

Review | Cartier Love Bracelets Dupes

For the longest time, I have been seeing these amazing bracelets. I never knew what they were, where they were from etc, but I still loved them and thought they look amazing. The other day I was watching a youtube video where someone was wearing one of these bracelets and casually mentioned the name: the Love Bracelet. I immediately opened up google and did a search. Cause I wanted to buy one.

To my disbelieve a standard love bracelet costs 6,300 AUD. WOW. There is no way I can afford that.

Luckily you can find dupes for pretty much everything so I had a look on AliExpress (similar website to Wish) to see what they had to offer. When you type in love bracelet 100,302 results pop up.

I bought three of these dupes to see if they can pass the bill and if they actually look similar to the real one.

BRACELET NUMBER 1 |  Carter love bracelet Lovers Bangles original Top Quality Couple Bangle Women Men Gold Silver Color Jewelry Cross Titanium Steel

dupe love bracelet

This is a stainless steel version of the bracelet and looks a lot like the real one. The only difference is that there are + on the bracelet instead of a -.  Recreating a perfect copy is illegal so it makes sense that they changed the design up. The bracelet feels heave and pretty well made.

You can not choose a size. For me, it fits, but its a tad too small, cause I don’t have enough space left for it to move freely. Which is kinda the purpose of these bracelets. I do like this one and I am on a diet, so I think this one will fit perfectly in a few weeks.

I think it is value for money, so if you want a similar bracelet then this one is a good one.

COST: AU $13.83
REVIEWS: 4,8 stars from 116 reviews

BRACELET NUMBER 2 | Classic Titanium Steel Rose Gold Carter Love Bracelet Woman Man Manchette Bangle Crystal Logo Engraved

dupe love bracelet

This is another stainless steel version of the bracelet and looks a lot like the real one (like a lot) This bracelet has 4 ‘Crystals’ (I am not sure what it is precisely) and the – symbol. This is exactly the same as the real bracelet. The real Cartier bracelet has 18K white gold, set with 4 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.42 carat and ‘only’ costs $10,800 (excl. sales tax).

The dupe feels pretty heavy and likes like it is made with good quality and even has an engraving on the inside.

dupe love bracelet

This bracelet is $12,63 and I think it is defiantly worth it. You can order it in different sizes. I ordered it in size 18 centimeters. Unfortunately, this one is also a tad small but does also fit. Again with a bit of weight loss, it will be ok (I hope, cause I like this bracelet a lot)

COST: AU $12,63
REVIEWS: 4,8 stars from 223 reviews

BRACELET NUMBER 3 | Luxe RvS Carter Love Nail Charms Bracelet Femme For Female Male Bracelet & Bangles Bijoux Jewellery

dupe love bracelet

This is also a dupe from a bracelet by Cartier called the Juste Un Clou Bracelet.  I kinda liked the design but was not 100% certain. Because it was only $11,39 I also bought this one. The real Cartier bracelet costs 6,800 AUD.

I ordered one without the crystals, but unfortunately one with crystal came in the mail. I thought the crystals would look too fake and this is correct. From a distance, it doesn’t look too bad, but up close it looks pretty cheap.

You can not choose a size, but it fits me ok. So I guess if you have a small wrist then it is going to be quiet big.

I personally would not order this one again. The design is not something I am in love with and the quality is not that great.

COST: AU $11.39
REVIEWS: 4,3 stars from 165 reviews

dupe love bracelet

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