Getting Your Car Wrecked by a Giraffe | Safari Zoo Beekse Bergen

Getting Your Car Wrecked by a Giraffe | Safari Zoo Beekse Bergen

Safari Park Beekse Bergen is a… well a safari park. It is located in the South of the Netherlands only an hour drive from the Belgium border.  It became world-famous a few months back when some French tourist got out of their car in the Cheetah enclosure. (I don’t know what they were thinking, but no one got hurt, thank goodness) This park is home to approximately 1,250 animals from over 150 species, varying from small mammals to large birds. 

Giraffes, Tigers, Lions, Sea Lions, Crocodiles, Hippo’s, Chimpanzees and Gorillas are just some of the animals that you can encounter at this park. 

You can experience the park in many different ways, you can go on safari by car, boat, bus or on foot. 

In this blog post, I will show you some of the animals that you can encounter when going to this unique park. Read on for more information and lots of pictures.

DIFFERENT OPTIONS | Safari Zoo Beekse Bergen

The great thing about this park is that you can choose how you are going to experience it. You can walk, hop on a bus or boat or even drive your own car. 

Of course, when you walk you won’t be able to go into the enclosures but you can with the other options.

If you decided to drive or hop on a bus you get to go into several enclosures. The animals have large exhibits where they can roam freely (they often have two different types of animals in one exhibit) You have a certain route that you need to follow in your car, but you can stop wherever you like to take pictures or just to enjoy the animals.

Of course, you can NOT exit your car…. 

You can do all options, there is no additional cost (except for an exit/parking toking that you need anyway)

Safari Zoo Beekse Bergen | THE PARK ITSELF

The park itself is pretty amazing. The animals have very large enclosures (YAY) and there is plenty to see and do for everyone. There are lots of playgrounds for children and along the walking route, there are lots of climbing equipment so that they can get rid of some energy.

The park has some restaurants and food stalls so that you can grab a bit to eat during the day.

There are several boarding points for the boat, so if you get tired of walking then you can hop on the boat and relax a bit whilst seeing some enclosures from the water.


The first time we went to the park we opted to do the walking route, in total it took us about 4 hours (including a rain/coffee break) The walk is very flat and easy so it is do-able for pretty much everyone. They have signposts everywhere and if you follow those then you’ll get to see the entire park with all its enclosures. 

Make sure you go into the enclosures that are open. For example, there are lots of bird enclosures that you can visit. If you go to these you can see the birds without fencing between you and the birds. So it is a much better experience. In one of the enclosures, they had the Ibis bird, which I found very funny since we (Australians) find that bird very annoying and not special. (We call them the garbage bird because they often forage for food in garbage bins) 

The tiger and lion enclosures are pretty spectacular. You have really good views of them in their ‘natural’ habitat. We just missed their feeding time, so a lot of them were still eating or were in a food coma.

In the lion enclosure, they placed an old African jeep, which a lion used to its full advantage to take a power nap (Check out his little tongue sticking out ahhh)


The second time we went to the safari park with did the ‘drive safari’. The entire safari took us about 1 hour. The most spectacular and fun enclosure is at the end of the safari.

Throughout the drive, you enter different enclosures with one or two different animals. They do have a cheetah enclosure with two cheetahs. (This is where those people got out *shaking head*, What were they thinking?)

How funny are some of these animals? The black bulls in picture 3 haha he looked like he was smiling and saying “cheese” but in an angry – get it over in done with look tehe! In the last enclosure, there is a large savanna where there are giraffes and zebras. The giraffes are super curious and come up to the car. We thought there might be something on some of the cars that they liked. We got one giraffe that licked our window, windscreen wipers and part of the car for about 10 minutes. When it was ‘clean’ she went on to the next car, licking their windows.


  • Bring lunch –  There are a couple of kiosks located throughout the zoo, serving the likes of burgers, chips, and salads. The food is great, but like most parks, it is expensive. Alternatively, there are plenty of pretty picnic spots where you can sit and enjoy a much cheaper lunch from home.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – The zoo is pretty large and you will stroll there for hours on end. So wear comfortable shoes so you can see the entire zoo without getting in too much pain.
  • Feeding presentations – throughout the day there are several feeding presentations. From tigers to Gorillas. There are very informative and interesting, so make sure you attend these. 


Animals are fed alongside the walking safari trail every day.

  • 11:30 – Tigers
  • 12:45 – Californian sea lion
  • 13:30 – African elephants 
  • 14:30 – Chimpanzees (in the centre of the park)
  • 15:30 – Gorillas (in the centre of the park)


Day ticket (10 years or older) $ 25
Child* (3-9 Years) $ 22,50
Safari Park exit token $ 37
$ 9,50


There are many amazing cities that you can check out in the Netherlands. Underneath are just a couple of cool options for you:

  • Rotterdam | Home to incredible architecture, amazing food and harming neighbourhoods, you’ll want at least 1 day in Rotterdam.
  • Amsterdam | you’ll want at least 48 hours in Amsterdam to see the highlights. This city is ridiculously stunning and a must-see in my opinion.


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