Catching a Sunset at Taronga Zoo Wharf

Catching a Sunset at Taronga Zoo Wharf

A couple of weeks ago I ventured over to Taronga Zoo Wharf for some sunset photography. I am sure you guys must be getting tired of my attempts to take decent pictures, but hold your horses cause here is another one of those posts.

This was a very beautiful sunset though that just kept on giving and just got better and better as time went on. So what can you do then just keep taking picture after picture! I ended up with more than 300 pictures of just one silly sunset. I won’t be uploading all of those cause I think my site will crash, but I will be handpicking the best of the best (well, my best, you know what I mean) and take you along a romantic blog post.

Since the sunset was so epic, I decided to split up the photos in 3 categories.


Initially, the sky turned bright yellow, showcasing a different shade of yellow and a different intensity every couple of seconds.

This picture is zoomed in, giving the city a yellow haze whilst it slowly setting on the background.

Not to shabby right? The picture underneath is what I saw as an overview from the wharf throughout the sun setting on the other side of the harbour.

As you can see the sky was slowly turning…..


Once the sun started to set a bit more, Sydney’s unique skyline became clearly visible. I loved this short period when you can see shapes of Sydney, the Stunning Harbour Bridge, the sun still glistering on the water and a cool sky changing color every few seconds.. Magical!

Spot the plane 🙂 In quite a few photos there is actually a plane swooping past.  I love that when you fly into (or depart) Sydney that you often fly over the stunning harbour.  So if you are ever flying into Sydney, make sure you grab yourself a window seat, as you might fly over the opera house, and if that is not a kick-ass Instagram picture then I don’t know what is.

Sydney Sunset

As you can see, the sky was turning even more yellow than before. It somehow did not really turn red, but it was really trying.

…… How beautiful. I just don’t know what else to say. (Which is not good when you are supposed to be a blogger haha)


Pretty zoooomed in, but this a great photo. Just look at that stunning opera house glistering in the sunsets sky.


If you want to re-create these pictures or want to enjoy a similar sunset then head Taronga Zoo Wharf.

The Taronga Zoo ferry wharf is located on the northern side of Sydney Harbour serving Taronga Zoo and offers these kick-ass views all day long.


Taronga Zoo Sydney is 12 minutes from Circular Quay by ferry. Sydney Ferries services depart Circular Quay every 30 minutes.


  • The M30 Metro Bus travels to Taronga Zoo Sydney every 10 – 15 minutes from Central, Town Hall and Wynyard train stations
  • Northern suburb bus routes can change at either Spit Junction or Mosman Junction to join the M30 to the Zoo

These buses will drop you off at the northern entrance, but you can simply walk down the hill towards the wharf. This will only take 10 minutes.



Sydney sunset

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