Wandering the Streets of Sydney During Sunset

Wandering the Streets of Sydney During Sunset

Are you getting tired of me saying how flipping cool Sydney is? Then sorry here is another post on how flipping amazing and stunning and beautiful Sydney is.

The other week I went for a walk right before sunset and took my fancy pants Camera with me. Right, when I reached the harbor the sun started to set and the city looked more amazing than ever. Underneath are just some of the picture I took. (Once I start, I find it hard to stop taking pictures). Do you guys have the same problem or is that just me?? HMMMMMM


Oh isn’t she pretty?! I reached Lavender Bay wharf right when the sun started to set. If you are a blogger, Instagrammer or photographer, then you know that the best time to do photography is right before sunset (the golden hour) or the magic hour as I like to call it.

At the wharf, there is a long jetty reaching out into the bay. Which offers stunning harbor and city views.

A popular thing to do in Sydney (If you have money) is a walk over the bridge. As you can see in the picture above, the sunset tour is pretty popular. Definitely one for the bucket list!

I continued to walk along the harbor towards Luna Park. As I was reaching the park, the sunset became more and more spectacular.

Not to shabby right? I continued to walk down towards Luna Park and the sky kept getting redder and prettier by the second. Sydney is so friggin ugly, right? EEK! 😉

We then continued along Luna park and towards Milsons Point station to walk over the bridge (The free walk, not the paid one, unfortunately)


Bridge views might be some of the best views there is in Sydney. It offers the majestic harbor, boats sailing by, the bridge and the opera house in one easy glance.

No words needed right? SPEEEACHLESS!

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