Sydney Pylon Lookout | Epic Harbour Views

Sydney Pylon Lookout | Epic Harbour Views

Do you want to experience views upon views upon, world-class views of the iconic Sydney harbour? but not really looking to chop off an arm or leg just to be able to afford it? Well, have I got your back! Although we would all love to spend a good $250, $300 or even $400 on climbing the Harbour Bridge and getting those incredible sunsets, sunrises, cheesy smiley pictures with the ever so famous harbour behind us…… wait oh um WE CAN! Woohooo but for a fraction of the price and minus the hideous blue suits lol! yaaaay no limb chopping today haha!

The Sydney Pylon lookout is massively overlooked and comes with 360-degree views of the whole of Sydney Harbor! say what! that’s right……


The Pylon Lookout is located on the Sydney Harbor Bridge and is an 87m-tall bridge bearing with a 200-stair climb through historical exhibits to 360-degree city views.  The museum shows you lots of cool pictures of the construction of the bridge as well as quite a few interesting facts on how and what it took to build this very impressive bridge.

You enter the Pylon on top of the bridge and walk up a couple of flights of stairs before you come to their ticket office. There were quite a few people confused about where to enter, but luckily I had Kim with me, who went before, so she knew where to go.  You go up a couple of more flights and you reach a small souvenir shop and toilet area. This was perfect cause you can pretend to be interested in some souvenirs, whilst you catch your breath. It is then only a couple of more flights to the museum and the 360-degree views. All in all, I didn’t find the stairs to straining, and there where lots of benches, so just take your time if you have too.

The admission is as follows (As per April 2019)

General Admission (13 years and over) $15.00
Concession (Seniors & Student) $10.00
Children (5 to 12 years, inclusive) $8.50
Children (4 years and under) FREE


The lookout is located in the South-East Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Access is via the pedestrian pathway on the Eastern side of the Bridge from the city side (use the ‘Bridge Stairs’ in Cumberland Street, The Rocks). Or if you are coming from the Northside use the steps near Milsons Point Railway Station.


A small but pretty interesting museum about the history and build of the iconic bridge. The debates about making it, how they decided on the design, all the men who worked (and sadly died) making it, how they held it up during construction, how the steel expands and contracts in temperature, all the tiny little plans and debates and construction dilemmas that had to be ironed out and how they did it.

There were tons of photos, even some scaled replicas of different parts of the bridge and men working on it. There were dozens of interesting facts about the bridge, and so much to learn! So don’t forget to stop at the museum. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s worth spending some time there reading up on the bridge’s construction.


This why you walked up those 200 stairs… The priceless and never disappointing Sydney Harbour views.

The northern side you see the Coathanger of the bridge, Luna Park, Milsons Point, and Kirribilli.

The day I went there was a weird haze in the sky, some pictures look a bit weird because if that.  Sorry.

The Western point faces towards Sydney’s skyline. Pssssst that’s me over there – the ginger ninja 😉

But the money-making pictures are definitely taken on the Eastern side of the pylon, where you can see the icon that is the Opera house.


If you are contemplating of climbing the bridge vs the Pylon lookout then I have made a quick comparison for you. Climbing the actual bridge would be a priceless experience if you have the budget for it. If you are a budget-conscious traveller and you are unsure, then underneath is more information for you:

Pylon Lookout Bridge Climb
Price $ 15 From $ 163
Experience Pretty amazing Priceless
Duration About 45 minutes 3.5 hours
Add-ons Nope $60 for photos

Make the decision of climbing the bridge or going for the budget-friendlier option is completely up to you.


Pylon Lookout Sydney

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  1. Alexandra Wrigley
    May 17, 2019 / 8:44 pm

    I’ve not visited Sydney yet but I always pondered on visiting the harbour bridge! However, reading this my mouth nearly hit the floor when seeing the price! That’s without the photographs… I think I will do the pylon! The photos look just as if not more epic. Thankyou for making me aware of this cost saving alternative!

    • bonditobasic
      May 20, 2019 / 11:24 am

      Hi Alexandra, Thank you so much for your comment. The bridge climb is a bit of a bucket list experience. But it is just so much money, and for the fraction of the cost, you can see pretty much the same view. Glad my post was helpful, and I am sure when you come to Sydney that you will love it. Xx

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