An Epic Sydney to Byron Bay Road Trip

An Epic Sydney to Byron Bay Road Trip

Byron Bay is definitely a must-see when visiting Australia as it is an Aussie fave when it comes to holiday destinations. Festivals, chilled vibes, friendly people, beautiful scenery, tasty food, pristine beaches and more is what you will get when visiting this iconic town. A few months back I decided to take a road trip from Sydney to Bryon and see the amazing well known NSW coastline along the way. We stopped in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Yamba and lastly at macadamia castle (not made out of Macadamia’s hahaha!) – just outside of Byron Bay and did the same (sort of) on the drive back.

Beautiful scenery, unimaginable stunning beaches and a tonne of wildlife(Koala’s, Roos, Dingos :O), are only a handful of things you will see along the way and with a killer playlist to keep you singing all the way there, 100’s of snacks so you don’t die and a camera for those special moments, you can do it too.

Keep scrolling if you want to follow me on this incredible trip that I took a few months back. I hope you enjoy!

BASIC INFORMATION | Sydney to Byron Bay road trip

Starts: Sydney, New South Wales
Ends: Byron Bay, New South Wales
Length: 784 Kilometers, 487 Miles
Interesting fact: You can check out a ‘Big Banana’ which is what it sounds, a MASSIVE banana. Also, Russell Crowe has a Museum Of Interesting Things in Coffs Harbour.


Amazing weather all year round, stunning beaches and amazing surf…. Yea dude! Haha Port Macquarie sounds like the place to be and was our first stop 4 hours into our drive… I mean, I lie a little we stopped 2 hours back at a rest area to buy snacks and fuel tehe! But our first proper stop was here.

Contrary to popular believe the day we arrived was windy and cold haha which is not what I excepted but I also didn’t expect it to be so beautiful – I know harsh person I am lol….. for our brief stay we managed to catch the last glimpses of daylight at the Tracking point lighthouse that overlooks lighting house beach and had a quick dinner at a local fish and chip shop before moving on. Friendly people with a town that has a bit of a hippy feeling and surfers (and photographers) who froth over the Macquarie ocean swells, was the feeling that I got from this town.

On the outskirts, they also had a wildlife park and maze that looked like so much fun, if only we had the time – sigh.

Sydney to Byron Bay road trip


Our last stop for the day, as we, unfortunately, left a little too late to do a full day’s trip from Sydney to Bryon, was only another 1 hour and 40 minutes from Port Macquarie. We arrived quite late around 8 pm as we got stuck in roadworks and peak hour traffic – dang! Then settled into our pre-booked room at Beach Haven Executive Apartments which cost $130 for the night. Ideally located a 5-minute walk to the beach with room views of the ocean as pictured.

Coffs Harbor was a bag of sorts for me as I always imagined it to be a lot more flamboyant and going on but it was VERY quiet (like spooky quiet) the whole time we were there and we didn’t manage to see everything we wanted too (Beaches + forest sky pier) as we wanted to make good time on the road.

Sydney to Byron Bay road trip

We did, however, get to see the famously renowned big banana Oh yea oh yea!

And had a beautiful big breakfast at a local café… I will definitely be back one day to complete the few activities that I missed out on, sorry Coffs!


A castle made of macadamia’s… whaaat! Ahh nope lol aww haha! This wasn’t a scheduled stop on our list but for the last 200km of our trip every 20km or so there was huge billboards advertising it and obviously, they worked hah! I saw that they had fresh hot waffles and I was done, I said we are stopping there and we going to eat waffles and we are going to like it..damn it! Much to my surprise when we arrived it was more than just waffles, huh?

Sydney to Byron Bay road trip

That’s right much more… It was also an Animal fun park, a massive one! You can’t really tell from the outside but there is a huge bush and land area out the back. It had more of farmy feel than a zoo feeling but that was ok because all the animals had a lot more space and were free in a lot more ways. We feed Kangaroos, saw bunny’s, snakes, sleeping owls, crocodiles and feed a bunch of cheeky goats, very cheeky goats, they tried to eat my shoe laces!! Da fug? So be careful, I’ve warned you, I almost walked out of there with no shoes LOL!

Sydney to Byron Bay road trip

After a few hours of fun and surprise, our bellies full of waffles and our purses a bit lighter from shopping at the gift shop, we were finally headed for Byron Bay … Which was literally a 30-minute drive! Woohoo!


Sydney to Byron Bay road trip

Woohoo, we finally made it to our final destination! Hallelujah (alle luge ah – Kath and Kim hahaha!)

Known as the home of Thor (or Chris Hemsworth, whatever floats your boat), the incredible blues festival (and many well-known festivals to go with that), incredible beaches and the most laid back lifestyle you’ll find in Australia… also hippy’s and hippy culture, yea dude I mean like dude, duuuude. So be prepared! or join in, whichever;)

When we arrived in Byron it was around 1-2pm which was really perfect timing as we managed to catch the sun setting at around 5.30pm (we went in the winter time) which made for amazing pictures and a wonderful sight to be seen.

Sydney to Byron Bay road trip

During our stay here we managed to visit the incredible lighthouse, which was quite the trek to the top as parking is a real pain in the heiny (I warned ya) however as they always say in those corny country songs.. the climb was worth it. We were welcomed with a stunning sunset, a beautiful lighthouse and incredible ocean views for as far as we could see… How lucky! Byron sure did take our breaths away.

We then chilled at the beach(a must when visiting Byron) and had some grub at a local cafe. I honestly never wanted to leave here, the people are SO friendly, life is good, everyone’s happy and its an absolutely gorgeous place, I mean, no wonder everyone’s happy right? So be sure to definitely check out this treasure of a place, if you are visiting Australia or even if you live in Australia and are thinking where you should be going for your next holiday…. Byron Bay I say! 😉


A big thanks to Kim for sharing her road trip story. She also wrote a self-drive itinerary to Canberra and 10 of the most amazing cities in the world. Go check out her other posts, it would mean a lot to us.


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