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wildlife in sydney

If you are not from Australia nor if you have ever been here, you might be under the impression that kangaroos are hopping along the street of Sydney on a daily basis. Whilst yes, every now and then one gets lots, it doesn’t happen often, and it is an occurrence that ‘stops the nation’. (When it happens to Sydney CBD)

There are however lots of unique and beautiful creatures that you can bump into on a daily basis in the city. From beautiful cockatoos to parakeets and massive spiders. I, therefore, made a comprehensive list of all the amazing you could see in Sydney.

Where to see wildlife in Sydney

Underneath you can find a long list of animals that roam the streets of Sydney. Additionally, I will show you where to see wildlife in Sydney! To be completely honest, for some of these animals you will have to put a bit of work in to see them. And, of course, they are the cute and fluffy ones you really want to see. Spiders will wander into your home unannounced.  


Wildlife in Sydney, the Cockatoo

These beautiful creatures are becoming proper city dwellers where food is plentiful and waterfront roosts abound. Most of the cockatoos are very used to humans and are pretty easy to approach. If you bring some nuts for them in a park and sit still for a bit, they will come and hang out with you. (not sure if this is completely legal, lol)

They can get pretty large, but they are harmless little things. Super cute and beautiful.

You can find them in most parks, like Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Wildlife in Sydney, the Kookaburra

Don’t be alarmed if you hear a laughing sound coming from the trees early in the morning. That would be the laughing kookaburra, the most common type of kookaburra in Australia.

There are several national parks across New South Wales where you can spot the laughing kookaburra. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service’s website has a fantastic guide on where to see them best.

In the park right across from my house is home to a couple, so they definitely can be found in the city as well. These are not as friendly as the cockatoos are, so you won’t be able to interact with them much.


Animals in Sydney, The Ibis

The Ibis, also known as the garbage bird can be found pretty much everywhere it is a bit more populated. These birds love to go into garbage bins with the long beak, ‘steeling’ rubbish. They make quite a bit of a mess, so they are not the most popular amongst Sydneysiders.

They do have a pretty unique look with their elongated beak. But honestly, they scare the crap out of me when they come flying in.


Beautifully colored little lorikeets are just a sight to behold and can be extremely loud when in a group situation, I once saw a tree with probably at least 100 of these gorgeous birds making for an incredible sight and sound lol. They are pretty easy to come across but maybe not as often as the above birds, it’s always a bit of a shock spotting them but that’s just because they are so pretty.


Puppies with wings are what I like to call them. The common species of Bat that we get in Sydney is the flying fox (now google them and see how cute their little faces are), grey-headed, black-headed and the little red flying fox. Across from where I live there is a massive park with plenty of delicious foods for these cuties so we get a lot of them in the summer and I mean a lot, you can hear them, see them and most definitely smell them pooooey! They are friggin cute but dang could they use a bath haha! You’ll pretty much find them at any park during the summertime or more specifically there is a reserve where you can see them in Kuringai national park.


Like said before they are not hopping around Sydney willy nilly. But, if you are willing to travel a bit, they can be seen in the wild.

One of the easiest locations to see kangaroos is at Eureka campground in Glenbrook National Park. This national park is located just outside of Glenbrook, one of the first towns in the blue mountains. It is only a 20-minute detour from the main road, so totally doable. You definitely do need a car, so if you are traveling by public transport then I advise you NOT to do this.

The drive to the campground was not too difficult, but there are some unpaved roads.

There is a park fee of $8,- when entering the national park. However, when we got there the booths were closed and we could just keep on driving. So if you come earlier in the day you might have to pay. Additionally, the park closes at 7 pm, so make sure you get there on time.

If you don’t want to travel to the Blue mountains then you can always give them a cuddle at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside.


You may not know it but possums are as Australian as the Roo and Koala and although some may call them pests they are a protected wildlife animal here. They are also dead cute, however, they sometimes can scare the living daylights out of you when they get fright and move as fast as the speed of lighting annnnnd they are very easy to spot because they are literally everywhere. In the park, in your garden, sometimes on the road (oops) in the country, in cities, etc, etc (you get me – they are EVERYWHERE) so I am sure within a few seconds of being here, you would spot one.


You know those massive spiders plastered all over the internet that are associated with Australia? Yea? well its these guys! the huntsman spider. Once again they are a summer loving spider (aren’t we all?) so you generally won’t see them roaming the walls of your home in winter but in summer ha ha ha! watch out because they come in droves. They are big, they are hairy, the run as fast as flash and they can also jump BUT they are harmless (phew). They also love a good meal of cockroach (and I hate cockroaches) so they are not all that bad. They are also very important to our ecosystem so please don’t ever kill them (p.s bug spray doesn’t work), instead, take it outside somehow or get someone to help you.


Whale watching in Sydney

The incredible, unbelievable, amazing, beautiful humpback whale! Yep you heard me right, they are great lovers of our waters and tend to roam from June to November, so be it by a boat tour, a lucky encounter while surfing or on the ferry during this months then you are highly likely to get a peek at one, two and sometimes a dozen or more (depending on your luck ;). And how lucky are we to be able to see such glorious creatures roam our waters – ah sigh!


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Have you spotted any of these incredible animals in Sydney?
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Where to see Australian Wildlife in Sydney

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