Cairns to Cape Tribulation Road Trip | World Heritage Listed Sights

The Great Barrier Reef Drive, also known as the Captain Cook Highway, from Cairns to Cape Tribulation takes you along some of the best coastal sights in Queensland (Australia). Including two incredible heritage listed areas! Because of this, a Cairns to Cape Tribulation road trip is a must-do when you are in the tropical far north Queensland. From spectacular views over the Coral Sea, too postcard-perfect secluded beaches, beachside villages like Port Douglas and Mossman, and crocodile spotting at the Daintree River, this road trip has it all. So check out this my Cairns to Cape Tribulation Road Trip to get the best tips possible to cruise this spectacular highway sandwiched between two World Heritage Areas. I will make sure you will see the best beaches, viewpoints and more.

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3 Day Itinerary in Cairns: Explore the Outdoors

This 3 day in Cairns itinerary is packed full of great activities, giving you the chance to explore Cairns itself for one day before taking on some more adventurous activities. This 3 day in Cairns Itinerary will allow you to explore Cairns itself for one day and takes you out to Fitzroy Island as well as Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation. Cairns, Australia – it’s a long way away from, well, almost anywhere. With an incredibly diverse landscape and distinct beauty, it’s well worth the trip. That is why, if you’re making the move across the sea (or just an Aussie looking for a lovely weekend getaway somewhere far away) you’d want to make the most of your time and fill your itinerary with everything to see and do. Cairns, located in North-East Australia, is not only the entrance to one of the seven natural wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef – which even though it may be seen from Outer Space is a whole lot more beautiful up close, but it also has some stunning waterfalls and natural beauty. Although you can’t see everything in Cairns and its environs in just 3 days, I believe this itinerary will enable you to travel as much ground as feasible.

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