Whether you are exploring the magnificent buildings built by the Ottoman empire or shopping at the Grand Bazaar, there are various incredible things to experience while visiting Istanbul.  Spanning over Europe as well as Asia, this ancient city has so much culture and history to offer. The various buildings reflect the different empires that ruled the city creating a melting pot of different styles. If you are a foodie like me, you will enjoy indulging on delicious traditional desserts and coffee. I have visited the city multiple times and if you want to find out why I fell in love with Istanbul and were the best spots are to visit, then check out my Istanbul travel guide below…  View Post


Sydney is incredibly blessed with some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world – all that sand, sparkling blue ocean and a water temperature that never dips below mild. It’s entirely understandable why spending the day at the beach is a favorite pastime of Sydneysiders. Whether it is summer or winter, you can always find a handful of people on any beach at any location throughout the city. Sydney is blessed with well over 100 beaches in the city, ranging in size from a few meters to several kilometers, located along the city’s Pacific Ocean coastline and its harbors, bays, and rivers. Underneath I will show you 7 of my favorite and most pretty beaches that are in Sydney. From the uber-popular Bondi, Manly, and Palm Beach to the small and oh so pretty Gordons bay or Balmoral Beach. View Post

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney opera house is probably one of the most iconic buildings in the world! Who has not seen the iconic images of the unique building at Sydney’s harbour? If you have never seen this building up close, then you probably have never realized how crazy it looks! I for example always thought it was 1 large building, but there are instead 4 separate buildings! The mind is blown, right? The other week on a lovely sunny autumn day, I took my fancy pants DSLR camera to Circular Quay and took some pictures of this building up close! Curious what it looks like then read on…. View Post

A Mini-Break in Hobart, Tasmania

Last week I was on a short mini-break in Tasmania to de-stress, enjoy life and just have a break from my day-to-day working live (managing a hotel is not as easy as most of you will think, its a high-stress job I tell ya). I will be writing lots of cool guides etc about my holiday, but I thought I would share some pictures and a daily guide first. So this post is a sort of photo diary, but then better. (I think)  View Post

Rome travel guide | When visiting Rome for the first time

Rome is a city that has an amazing mix of old and new. A city that has kept its stunning and historic buildings whilst moving along in the modern world. You can wander the quaint cobblestone streets with a delicious gelato in your hand whilst walking from one stunning and impressive monument to the next. It is an incredible city and when you are visiting Rome for the first time you will be amazed by how much there is to explore. From the Spanish steps to the world-famous Colosseum and Vatican City, this city simply has so much to offer. Of course, being an Italian city, the city is also a foodie’s heaven, from the best gelato to pizza and pasta, you might come back with a few extra kilos of ‘baggage’. Here’s my ultimate Rome travel guide for when you are visiting Rome for the first time! View Post
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