8 Beautiful and Underrated Destinations in Europe

Everyone has heard, seen or has travelled to amazing cities like Paris, Amsterdam or Barcelona. They have heart-stoppingly beautiful architecture, unparalleled history, amazing culture, mouth water delicious food and so much more. But, Europe is filled with gorgeous (little) towns or cities that are just as amazing. Since I thought they deserved a spot in the spotlight, I have looked up 8 amazing cities that are often missed, skipped or not even considered when planning a city trip within Europe. Sit back and enjoy some exciting travel destinations. View Post

Top 10 of the Most Incredible Cities in the World

Who doesn’t love a good city trip? I have done many, especially in Europe, and some of my best travel memories were made during these trips. From cities who have heart-achingly beautiful architecture, stunning beaches, hip and bustling city centres or unique waterways. Some cities just make the toughest of men stutter. The world is our oyster – there is so much to see that it will take a lifetime to see it all. But with some help, you can narrow your scope to just some of the best. Just so know you where to effing start your city trip bonanza. So here it is. My top 10 cities in the world that you should visit at least once in your life. Get your bucket list ready to add some amazing destinations. Let’s go… View Post

Preparing For Trip To London | Everything You Want To Know

Preparing for a trip to London? Then you have come to the right post. I will show you what you must see, where you must stay and, most importantly, where you must eat and drink on a holiday in London.  A few weeks back I asked my Twitter followers which city I should do my next post. With an overwhelming majority, they choose London.   I have only been to London once myself, so I have asked one friend to assist me with compiling information for this guide. She has been several times (She has been trying to count how many times, but let’s say 10+) and absolutely is in love with this city. She has been to all the hot spots and knows some lovely secret spots as well and know how to prepare for the trip.  This post is filled with handy information, including all the basics, you will know exactly what to see, where to go but also how to get around in the city and where to stay.  View Post

One day Itinerary Melbourne | All Must Sees and Do’s

Melbourne is known for its coffee drinking culture, its amazing arts, sports events and its great shopping opportunities. If you want to do at a true Melbournian city trip, then you must visit the iconic laneways, covered in colorful gravity, sip coffee at hidden coffee shops and spend evenings in art galleries(dreamy).  The city is sophisticated, gritty and known for its 4 seasons in 1 day (be aware) and is a definite must-see when you are in Australia. In this blog post, I will show you what to see and do in a One-day itinerary to Melbourne.  View Post

One Epic Day in Sydney | Itinerary + Local Tips

This extensive 1 day Sydney itinerary takes you to many of the locations and attractions that make Sydney the exciting place that it is. From stunning sprawling beaches to hustling suburbs and amazing nature reserves all within reach. Prepare yourself for an epic 1 day in Sydney itinerary!  Read on to find out all top things to do, where to eat, sleep and so much more.  View Post
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