The Real Bodies | A Controversial Exhibition

Viewer discretion is advised, the below is dealing with sensitive materials related to real human exhibits – muscles, organs, skin, bodies etc. Wow! when I heard/saw (on every billboard known to man lol!) that “Real Bodies” the exhibit was in Sydney, boy was I excited. As I personally love learning about all things to do with the human anatomy and physiology, I was quite curious as to what exactly this exhibit is about? I mean they’ve called it “Real Bodies” but surely that’s just the name, right? Ahh Nope… SHOCK! “Real Bodies” means Real Bodies! As in real humans who once roamed the earth! Ahhhhhh! Real Bodies the Exhibit presents the artful display of 20 REAL, perfectly preserved human bodies and 200 anatomical specimens – fancy wording for human organs (don’t worry I’ve got your back 😉), so strap in and prepare to be amazed and intrigued, because below are some pretty incredible pictures and some fascinating information. This one will knock your socks off, I guarantee it! I know that there is quite a bit of controversy around this exhibition, but after doing some research I decided I still wanted to go ahead with posting it. I was unsure if you guys would be interested in seeing a post on this, so on my twitter account, I ran a quick poll. The voting was unanimous, even though only 7 people voted lol. But nonetheless, I have decided to write a post for this exhibition. I will also dive into why this exhibition is so controversial so that you can make a well thought out decision if you wish to go or not.  Again, if you don’t like to see bodies, organs etc then please don’t click on this post.   Another quick disclaimer: I have taken the pictures with my iPhone so the quality is not as good as it is normally. But somehow I found it a tad strange and disrespectful to be taking pictures with my DSLR camera. So my apologies for that.

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