Mini Guide to Oormarsum | Twente, The Netherlands

I think pretty much 100% of the people following my blog have never heard of this small town before. Heck, I am certain if I would ask a Dutchman, most of them would say they don’t know where this little town is located. And, I can’t blame you. It is a pretty small town in the East of the Netherlands, and there is not a whole lot happening. You might wonder, why the heck would I write a post about it then? Well, this town is where my family originated. My family is super small and we have an unusual last name, so it is pretty easy to track our history (well we didn’t even have to do that, cause my grandpa is the first of the family to leave his village for love nawwwwwwwwwww). The town is actually very cute and went I was back home last September and I visited it with my parents. I took a bunch of photos which I would like to share with you. Additionally, I will give you some basic information, in case you are ever in the area and would like to check it out. View Post

Mini Guide to Bourtange, Netherlands

The small village of Bourtange is probably something you have never heard off unless you are from the Netherlands yourself. This small village was built in 1530 and is a fort built in a star. Additionally, it is a pretty typical old Dutch town and is pretty cool to have a look at when you are in Holland. In this blog post, I will show you the must-know information about this village and what you can expect when going to this cool little town. View Post

Mini Guide to Manly Beach, Sydney

Did you know that Sydney is home to more than 100 beaches! I know shocking that there are more beaches than just Bondi. In December I had friends over from the Netherlands and I took them to Manly Beach for a day. We took the ferry back and enjoyed the harbour views on a budget. Here’s what to do if you want to experience another one of Sydney’s famous beaches: View Post

Mini Guide to Bondi Beach | Sydney, Australia

I needed to escape the hustle and bustle of busy North  Sydney the other weekend. It has been hectic at work and I needed a quick break before the summer season started. The beauty of living in Sydney means that there are loads of great weekend break destinations within a few hours. So this mini-break I decided I wanted to go to the beach, especially because it was going to be 32 degrees and I needed some chill time. So that is what I did, I booked a hotel and off I went. I wandered the streets of Bondi, watched a sunset and enjoyed some time at the beach. If you are interested in going on a weekend to Bondi Beach then check out my post underneath. View Post
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