The Netherlands in Pictures

I get it! You have been planning a trip to the Netherlands but you are still unsure of what to see and do. The trouble is, Holland is such a stunning country that there is so much to explore! From stunning architecture in Rotterdam to those gorgeous colourful tulip fields in the countryside or the classics canals in Amsterdam.  So much diversity in such a tiny country. However, if you plan your trip right, then you can see a lot in just a couple of days. Besides, even the briefest trip to this country is pretty magical… In today’s posts, I will show you some of the best of what the country has to offer. If you need a country guide then I have written an extensive guide to the Netherlands. I have also written an individual city guide for Rotterdam and (Of course) Amsterdam. Check out some amazing pictures below… View Post

One day in Rotterdam: What to do with limited time

Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second-largest city, and Europe’s biggest port. The city is known for its modern architecture which you can find throughout. It is also home to many festivals, offers a great nightlife, and has a lot of shops which are open 7 days a week!  The city, in the past, was often skipped by tourists, only visiting Amsterdam and maybe Kinderdijk. It is now the fastest-growing touristic city of Holland. And not without reason. Rotterdam is located only an hour’s drive from the main capital and is therefore perfect to visit for one day!  Enjoying this unique city with its crazy history is a must when visiting the Netherlands and in this post, I will show you what to see and do when you are only for one day in Rotterdam! View Post

Getting Your Car Wrecked by a Giraffe | Safari Zoo Beekse Bergen

Safari Park Beekse Bergen is a… well a safari park. It is located in the South of the Netherlands only an hour drive from the Belgium border.  It became world-famous a few months back when some French tourist got out of their car in the Cheetah enclosure. (I don’t know what they were thinking, but no one got hurt, thank goodness) This park is home to approximately 1,250 animals from over 150 species, varying from small mammals to large birds.  Giraffes, Tigers, Lions, Sea Lions, Crocodiles, Hippo’s, Chimpanzees and Gorillas are just some of the animals that you can encounter at this park.  You can experience the park in many different ways, you can go on safari by car, boat, bus or on foot.  In this blog post, I will show you some of the animals that you can encounter when going to this unique park. Read on for more information and lots of pictures. View Post
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