Review | Cartier Love Bracelets Dupes

For the longest time, I have been seeing these amazing bracelets. I never knew what they were, where they were from etc, but I still loved them and thought they look amazing. The other day I was watching a youtube video where someone was wearing one of these bracelets and casually mentioned the name: the Love Bracelet. I immediately opened up google and did a search. Cause I wanted to buy one. To my disbelieve a standard love bracelet costs 6,300 AUD. WOW. There is no way I can afford that. Luckily you can find dupes for pretty much everything so I had a look on AliExpress (similar website to Wish) to see what they had to offer. When you type in love bracelet 100,302 results pop up. I bought three of these dupes to see if they can pass the bill and if they actually look similar to the real one. View Post
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