Lanzarote Itinerary | Things To See And Do On The Island

Lanzarote is an intriguing island with an extraordinary geology of 300 volcanic cones. There are great beaches, interesting sights and plenty of restaurants and hotels. The landscape has a stark and otherworldly appearance, with loads of unique black lava fields as far as the eyes can see.  The island’s major sights have been aesthetically developed by the late César Manrique, a Lanzarote native, and artist. Houses must be painted white, other than wooden windows and door frames or wooden shutters which can be any one of two shades of green. There’s no billboard advertising, no highrise buildings, giving the island a unique atmosphere.  So, in today’s blog post, I will show you some of the best things to see and do while on this amazing island, in my handy Lanzarote itinerary 

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