10 Epic Places to View the Sydney Opera House

The Opera House in Sydney’s iconic harbour is one of the cities most famous sights. It’s an incredibly imposing building and you have no idea how unique it is until you see it up close! The Opera House can be seen from many amazing locations within Sydney harbour and it looks spectacular where you check it out! The best view of Sydney Opera House though is not super hard to find, it is, however, handy to have a list of all the best views point.  In this blog post, I will show you some of the best spots to photograph or simply just enjoy the stunning sight that is the Sydney Opera House.  This post includes 10 locations and a handy map to help you identify the locations listed. Grab your camera and go and explore all the best places to view the Sydney Opera House! View Post


Most cities don’t get better after the sun has set, but strangely Sydney does! Especially Circular Quay. With the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as its main attractions, it truly becomes a spectacle after dark. Especially the Opera House is a sight to behold after dark. I have written an extensive blog post already on where to see Sydney by night, so make sure to check that one out as well, but today I will take you up close to this Sydney Icon after the sun has set. View Post
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