Sydney is incredibly blessed with some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world – all that sand, sparkling blue ocean and a water temperature that never dips below mild. It’s entirely understandable why spending the day at the beach is a favorite pastime of Sydneysiders. Whether it is summer or winter, you can always find a handful of people on any beach at any location throughout the city. Sydney is blessed with well over 100 beaches in the city, ranging in size from a few meters to several kilometers, located along the city’s Pacific Ocean coastline and its harbors, bays, and rivers. Underneath I will show you 7 of my favorite and most pretty beaches that are in Sydney. From the uber-popular Bondi, Manly, and Palm Beach to the small and oh so pretty Gordons bay or Balmoral Beach. View Post

Sydney Pylon Lookout | Epic Harbour Views

Do you want to experience views upon views upon, world-class views of the iconic Sydney harbour? but not really looking to chop off an arm or leg just to be able to afford it? Well, have I got your back! Although we would all love to spend a good $250, $300 or even $400 on climbing the Harbour Bridge and getting those incredible sunsets, sunrises, cheesy smiley pictures with the ever so famous harbour behind us…… wait oh um WE CAN! Woohooo but for a fraction of the price and minus the hideous blue suits lol! yaaaay no limb chopping today haha! The Sydney Pylon lookout is massively overlooked and comes with 360-degree views of the whole of Sydney Harbor! say what! that’s right…… View Post

Cockatoo Island Sydney | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO world-heritage-listed island in the middle of beautiful Sydney Harbour. Only a short but stunning ferry ride from the city CBD will drop you off at the Sydney Harbour’s largest island and one of Australia’s most fascinating historical sites. It is a reasonably unknown and not very tourist island, heck I have been living in Sydney for more than 7 years, and I never visited before! I wish I had thought, cause, with its urban and characterful buildings, this place is a photographer’s paradise. But not only that, this place is filled with interesting facts and history, which tourists alike should explore! In this post, I will show you the best things to do on Cockatoo Island in Sydney. View Post

Photo Opportunity Galore in Kirribilli

Last weekend my friend Kim and I took advantage of a break in the cold winter weather and headed over to Kirribili near the Sydney Harbour. This place really is a photo op galore, from heart-stopping beautiful views of Sydney’s Harbor, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and the cities sensational skyline….There are just too many photo opportunities. We spend about 3 hours there before we had to head home and took that time to our full advantage. We took some pretty dazzling shots which I will show you underneath. I will also show you where to find these spots, in case you would like to re-create these. Cause you really should! View Post

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney opera house is probably one of the most iconic buildings in the world! Who has not seen the iconic images of the unique building at Sydney’s harbour? If you have never seen this building up close, then you probably have never realized how crazy it looks! I for example always thought it was 1 large building, but there are instead 4 separate buildings! The mind is blown, right? The other week on a lovely sunny autumn day, I took my fancy pants DSLR camera to Circular Quay and took some pictures of this building up close! Curious what it looks like then read on…. View Post
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