Cremorne Point Walk | Stunning Sydney Harbour views

Cremorne Point is one of the loveliest of the harbor’s peninsulas, and the walk around its forested foreshore gives you some of the most amazing cities views there is. Million-dollar mansions, green parks, stunning yachts, the chirping of birds….and hundreds of spiders. The only downside of this walk YUCK they were everywhere! But don’t let these creepy crawlers deter you from doing this walk! If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen some of my pictures of this walk. I had such a blast and I loved taking pictures (so be prepared for quite a few lol) In this post I will show you all the amazing things you will encounter on this walk. View Post

Adventure series | Gallipoli steps to Spit Junction Reserve

I love a good secret location! Be it a beach, park, viewing spot or steps! Oh, talking about steps have you heard about the Gallipoli steps at spit junction? Ooops shhhhiiiizzz!! I guess the cats out of the bag now! Haha. Recently a friend of mine who used to live in Sydney was here visiting family and needed a bit of a breakaway, so she told me about this really cool walk that has incredible views and some secret steps that really only the locals know about. Well not anymore haha! Situated in Sydney’s north shore this beautiful area has a great viewing platform of spit junction from the top of Seaforth and is where the Gallipoli steps begin. So if you are visiting Sydney and just want a bit of peace and quiet from it all, then make sure to take your camera and your sneakers and enjoy this beautiful little walking trip I have made out for you! Adventure time #2!!!! WHOOP WHOOP! View Post

The Magical Town of Giethoorn | An Epic Day Trip from Amsterdam

Have you ever heard of the Venice of the North? A village where there are no roads, just canals that you can navigate by a boat? footpaths, bicycle trails are the only other way to make your way around this village, no honking cars anywhere! And if you think that is it, then you are mistaken. The houses that are scattered around this village are stunning centuries-old thatched-roof houses… It sounds like a fairy tale but it does truly exist. The village is a small village located in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel. (Where I am from YAY) and can be reached when you are on a trip to Amsterdam or Rotterdam.  I will show you the best ways to get there, when to go and what to see and do. Get ready to add this stunning little village to your ever-growing bucket list… View Post

Mini Guide to Bourtange, Netherlands

The small village of Bourtange is probably something you have never heard off unless you are from the Netherlands yourself. This small village was built in 1530 and is a fort built in a star. Additionally, it is a pretty typical old Dutch town and is pretty cool to have a look at when you are in Holland. In this blog post, I will show you the must-know information about this village and what you can expect when going to this cool little town. View Post

Sydney’s Iconic Buildings | Queen Victoria Building

Rich in history and architecturally stunning, the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) occupies an entire block on Sydney’s George Street and has more than 180 of Sydney’s finest fashion boutiques, blingy jewellery shops, cafes, and yummy restaurants. If you are unfamiliar with the building then I am sure you have noticed how beautiful it is, but there is a lot more then meets the eye. In this post, I will take you inside the building and show you why this is one of Sydney’s most popular buildings. View Post
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