The Ultimate Travel Guide To The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an underrated travel destination for most people. It offers so much more than what people think. Most tourist will only go to Amsterdam and then think that they have seen the Netherlands(haha shesh). This is of course not the case. Think of destinations like Kinderdijk, Gouda, Utrecht, and Keukenhoff.  While I have written an extensive guide to Amsterdam, I have yet to write anything about the rest of The Netherlands (or Holland).  So here is it. Some amazing other destinations that you should see in the Netherlands besides the countries main ‘attraction’ Amsterdam.  View Post

One day on Rottnest Island | Home to the Quokka’s

Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, is one of the most amazing islands I have ever been too in my life! With it’s raw and rough beauty and home to unique animals that only live on this island, a one day trip is an absolute must when visiting Western Australia.  The island has been one of the most popular ‘holiday at home’ destinations for Western Australians. With its many charms and attractions, this island attracts a whole variety of people and therefore it is immensely popular.  Whether you stay for one day or five, Rottnest will enchant, inspire and recharge your batteries for weeks to come.  In the post, I will show you where to go, what to see and how to make sure you can get the elusive selfie with the world’s happiest animal when you are travelling to this island for one day!  View Post

Luna Park Sydney | A Fun Evening Out

This past weekend I wandered over to Luna Park at Milsons Point, Sydney. The park is an amusement attraction and was established in 1935, amazingly it still contains traditional midway games and rides while of course still offering your 21st-century amusements as well.  The older charm that this park offers, the more the modern generation can catch a glimpse of the past.  View Post

The Best Of Ubud, Bali | A Complete Travel Guide

Ubud is located in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency, on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Ubud was made into one of Bali’s most famous destinations when it appeared in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love’ with Julia Roberts.  It still encompasses what I envision authentic Indonesia should look like. Lush green rice fields, waving palm trees, friendly locals and cheap but delicious food. It was definitely one of my favorite stops during my May 2018 exploration of the tropical island. Ubud is known as the spiritual home of the island, but your local experience wouldn’t be complete without a wander around the rice fields, lunch at one of the many local coffee shops, an afternoon with some monkeys, or a visit to one of the many beautiful temples. It, therefore, makes for a perfect relaxing getaway and offers you a unique insight into Balinese living.  View Post
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