The Great American Bucket List

America is one of those countries that you must visit at least once in your life. But because it is so large, it will probably take you a couple of trips in order to see a substantial part of it. In this post, I will show you some (yes some, definitely not all) of the national parks, cities, and monuments that you should try to visit. Keep in mind that America is very large and that there is no way I can add every single cool spot 🙂 This post would be 10.000 plus words, and it would take me months and months to write. So again, I have selected some of the amazing highlights that I think are a must-see. Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy these amazing spots in my great American bucket list! View Post

Epic Sydney harbour at night | Must Do’s and sees

I love Sydney! There I have said it. I have written many all-encompassing guides to different walks in Sydney, different suburbs as well as a full city guide. After pondering over what I would write about next I realized that I hadn’t written anything about Sydney by night. I can’t tell you enough how cool this city is when the sun has set! And then I am not talking about clubbing and whatnot (that’s not my thing) but I am talking about The Opera House, The Harbour Bridge and all other highrises around these buildings. This is truly a sight you must see at least once in your life. I can spend hours on end watching the city glitter at night whilst many many boats float past. Some blaring music, some enjoying the scenery whilst enjoying dinner and some private boats just going to for a sail on a hot summer’s night. In this post, I will show you what Sydney harbour at night looks like and where some of the best vantage points are to enjoy the scenery. View Post

The Ultimate European Travel Bucket List

Europe is one of the best travel destinations there is. Filled with ancient history, stunning nature and amazing cities, this continent must be on your travel list. In this extensive European travel bucket list post, I will show you 73 of the best sights throughout Europe, just so you won’t miss out. From stunning national parks to must-see unique spots, here’s your ultimate European bucket list. View Post

Palm Beach And Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

Palm Beach is the place where some of Sydney’s wealthiest and most famous people escape on their holidays. It’s isolated, tranquil, charming and absolutely beautiful. In Palmy you could walk right by someone like Mick Jagger and not even know it. Celebrities such as Kelly Slater, Guy Sebastian, and Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban also regularly visit Palm Beach during summer. Palm Beach is located 41 kilometers north of the Sydney CBD and is home to one of Australia’s most famous tv shows, Home and Away. The golden sands of Palm Beach curve 2.3km, from Little Head to Barrenjoey Point and is an excellent place to surf. You can also follow a trail to heritage-listed Barrenjoey Lighthouse which also offers splendid views of the coast, Pittwater and Kur-ring-gai Chase National Park. In this post, I will show you these amazing sights and why you should take the plunge and get over to Palm Beach as soon as possible. View Post

Manly coastal walk | The Spit Bridge to Manly coastal walk

Probably one of the most popular walking trails in Sydney, the Spit to Manly walk. This walk has some of the most stunning views imaginable: Crystal blue water, secluded bays and beaches, bushland and stunning cliff views. This walk is 10 kilometers long and is not super simple. The track, however, is so stunning that it will entice you to keep going. This walk has been on my bucket list since last summer. I attempted to do it, but I could not find that start of the walk, so I gave up. My friend the other day told me exactly where to go and what to do, so I did another attempt last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen some of my pictures of this walk.  I had such a good time, bringing me back to the time I lived in the mountains. I was so happy and  I wish I had done it sooner.  In today’s blog post I will show you some of the amazing sights that you will see during this beautiful Manly coastal walk. View Post
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